by Keith Haney
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"A nations fate rides on the spirit of its people. The collective will of this Kingdom is that we are indomitable and will stand against any opposition." These words were the last spoken at the peace talks in Abad’ Gnu April 7th 1935.

As our nation rallies its forces to stand against the Republic of Fjedic we marshall all our resources in the name of solidarity.

You are called to serve in her majesties royal air corps. Our homelands security depends on controlling the islands of the western sea. You are to report to the HMS Viceroy at the airfield in Brandjon to begin you tour of duty. The airship will conduct you to Pendleton Air Base on the island of Whitecliff. Your Queen and your country need you.

Gods bless us all,

Air Marshal
Pyter Mayhue


Spring 2010

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