| Akeron | Tales From Akeron Session 7
Chronicles Sept. 13, 2015 Haney's House 4:00 PM

PictureYuntrier - AThose guys back in Luthien weren’t lying, the Red Goblin is surely a force to be reckoned with. As luck would have it, we ran into the bitch and she gave us quite the whooping.

In our initial encounter with her she ambushed us and ended up knocking Judika and Parzival down for the count. After we killed a great many of her hounds and Tamm fired the most incredible shot i’ve ever witnessed at her, she fled. We foolishly gave chase but she was ready for us with yet another pack of dogs.

It took at least an hour to kill of this second pack and yet she ran off again. We decided to go back to the carriage and we are currently back on our way to Camea.

Harwen suggested we rest the night at a nearby inn and we unanimously agreed. We should reach Camea by noon tomorrow.

PictureJudika - When we left Luthien I was full of excitement. I was a little girl the last time I was on this road. Memory is a funny thing. I don’t recall any adversity during the trip. My memories of the road are mostly around spotting strange new birds and animals and snacking on Leven Crackers.

When the creature they call the Red Goblin attacked our caravan, I had every reason to believe that we would be able to manage the encounter. The Captain, as he likes to be called, had wandered ahead to look at an overturned handcart in the road. Within moments the trees seemed to be full of disgusting little creatures he called Goblin Dogs. Most of us took to the wagon as a defensive point. It wasn’t much protection. I managed to beat back one of the dogs attempting to bite at my legs. I didn’t realize how high they could leap, within seconds I was on my back with my head swimming and a large knot forming on the back of my head. The creature had a hold of me and I felt my life slipping away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mithrandr appear. With a massive cleave from his axe the pain was gone, but the feeling of floating was still very present.

I tried to take in the cacophony of movement and sound happening around me and make some sense of it. Parzival lay prone on the ground, was he dead? Dahi and Tamm were fighting for their lives in a swarm of teeth and fur. Occasionally I could hear the thrum of a bow string. This sound came to mean that the Red Goblin was near. I would later learn that she preferred to keep her distance and let the dogs rush in and attack. We were all hurting from the sustained attack and for I time I thought we were done for. Yun told me that the tide turned when Tamm managed to hit the Red Goblin with a once in a lifetime shot. After that she retreated back into the dense woods.

Parzival’s healing touch removed the swooning feeling from my head. I still wasn’t up to running about, but the others felt that now they had her on the run, it might serve our interests to pursue and finish her. Mithrander and Niff elected to stay back to defend the caravan while the others set off after her.

They were only gone for a half hour when Parzival returned to the road. He was as white as a sheet. He had lost a lot of blood and used his compliment of healing to keep himself and the others alive. We rushed out to reclaim our injured companions. Dahi said he nearly had her, but for the swarming dogs. The Red Goblin had eluded our search party, but she had tasted our sting. All around I saw the corpses of her coconspirators.

The bump of the wheels against the hard road tossed the freight wagon with regularity. Harwin assured us that we would find a soft bed and a warm meal at a roadside inn call Stone Mott. My bruised parts could not reach the safe haven soon enough.




Rogue 2

EXP 6,825 of 7,500


Barbarian 2

EXP 6,825 of 7,500


Cleric 2

EXP 5,750 of 7,500


Druid 2

EXP 3,950 of 7,500

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