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The valley has been home to the Fay longer than the memory of men and elves. The ancient woods are home to fantastical creatures that defy description and unspeakable nightmares born of a bygone era. Deep in the shadowed glens and pristine meadows ancient magic pulses in the very fabric of the earth. That fabric has suffered a blight that has grown and spread for more than a decade. Foul regions of the sacred wood give rise to to corrupt creatures and abominations. The forest quakes, unable to repel the sickness. The ancient Sidhe, once reclusive and aloof, have returned to the citadels of the elves. Fair creatures of the woods report growing blight.

The lightning God of Camea is powerless against the corruption. Men from the port city send adventurers and mercenaries to woods to stop the menace.


Character Build:
Use the standard 15 point build for creating your character.

Characters start the campaing with 2 traits. Link

Starting Money:
Use the average amount for your class.


Level Advancement:
In order to introduce down time between adventures and facilitate a more character driven world, I am instituting a mandatory apprentice system for the Akeron Campaign Setting.

When a character attains enough experience to advance to the next level, he must seek out a qualified master to train him.

Training Time
This advancement requires three 8 hour training periods. When training is completed new skills, feats, and hit points are awarded to the trainee.

Training Fees
Trainees are expected to pay for expert teachings. Many masters earn a good living by opening schools dedicated to their craft. At higher levels PCs may be sought out as masters providing another means of earning money and potential followers.

Training for Fees
2nd Level 20 gp
3rd Level 40 gp
4th Level 60 gp
5th Level 100 gp
6th Level 200 gp
7th Level 300 gp
8th Level 400 gp
9th Level 600 gp

Boarding during training is an additional 20%.

When teaching a student, 10 gp of the cost goes to expenses the remainder of the fee is for the teacher.

Qualified Masters
In order to be qualified as a training master the instructor must be at least two levels higher than the trainee (Prior to training). A Qualified Master can continue to train a student until they are of equal level.

A master with an exceptional prime requisite score in the class of study can bestow bonus skills to trainees. These preferred masters often charge more for training than a typical master.


Advance Race Guide - Not all of the races in the book are available. If you wish to run a unique race from this book consult your GM.



Advanced Player's Guide - Approved.
Core Rule Book - Approved.
Ultimate Alchemy - Approved.
Ultimate Combat - Approved.

Ultimate Equipment - Approved.

Try to avoid the temptation to read all of the magic items in this book. Many of the magic items are commonly known, others area beyond the knowledge of the character or omitted entirely from the campaign.

Ultimate Magic - Approved.

Adventure Chronicle
System: Pathfinder
Designer: Keith Haney

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Start Date: April 12, 2015
Status: Active
Campaign Setting: Akeron
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