| The Hollow | Chronicle Adventure 2
Chronicles April. 5, 2013

Campaign Journal

Picture Alexa - It was nice to spend some time in town with some money in my pocket. Life around town was getting back to normal after we managed to cure the Blacksour Taint. Well, I should say Laural made the cure. We only provided the ingredients.

We had only been back in town a day before we started hearing about some children going missing. We tried to go about out lives, but I kept hearing about the kids, so we did some asking around.

In the mean time Keph has taken a job at the general provisoner's place. I saw him working at the forge out back. He managed to craft a nice little longsword while we were bouncing around town. I may have underestimated Keph.

Picture Briggs - With the Taint cured were has a little celebrity status around town. People were shaking our hands and waiving hello. It felt good. Maybe that's why we took on the job to track down the missing kids. We had heard from some of the other kids around town that the old orphanage was haunted and that kids would often go and camp near it on a dare. We figured the missing kids had gone there so we decided to take a look.

We arrived at the burned down orphanage to find it in bad shape. We look around a little before Keph found a trap door in the ruins. Inside was the body of the old headmaster. As we looked around more we found the campsite where the kids had spent the night. It had been attacked by Kobolds. It looked like the kids had been taken, not killed.

A survivor of the orphanage fire was living in the nearby woods. It turns out she had been surviving by attacking and eating kids and who knows what that had wandered into the area, She had been cursed with lycanthropy and turned into a full blow werewolf while G'Reth was giving her a ride back to town. He reluctantly put her to rest and brought her back to us. We buried her near the orphanage.



Druid 2nd

EXP 2,500 of 5,000


Fighter 2nd

EXP 2,500 of 5,000

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