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The Glimmer Realm was my first foray back into the game master's chair after taking a break for a year. My friend Dave who has been a player in my worlds since high school, had mentioned that it would be nice to adventure again. He suggested a Venice Italy environment might be interesting to adventure in and around. I gave this some thought and scrawled some cryptic notes for a few weeks while I let the idea settle.

I had just completed reading L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth. The idea of man struggling against a larger more advance race for survival appealed to me. I researched the topography and history of Venice and went about creating the world of The Glimmer Realm.

I had become discouraged with the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rules and the chaos therein. I researched other gaming systems, but just as I was about to select another system Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition was released. A quick review of the system relived my doubts and I was full steam ahead after that.

I had another dilemma on my hands. I needed to select new players. Except for Dave it would be a whole new crowd. As a general rule I select people I know and spend time with in other activities to invite to a gaming session. I kept the player limited to four people as a measure of control and to allow each player time to shine.

The beginning is the hardest time in any campaign. I needed a hook to bring the player together and give them a common cause that they could believe in or at least galvanize them long enough to form a bond. I chose to make them all residents of a small backwater fortress town. Further sill I placed the town at the edge of a goblin settlement. Add a degree of animosity and some over zealous goblin leaders and you have a full scale attack on the city. It is under these conditions the players were forced to rely on each other for survival. The rest will be revealed in the chronicles of the campaign setting.

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