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It is the year 125 in the Age of Enlightenment. The temperate polar region in the northern hemisphere of the planet sustains all life on the planet. Thirteen small islands hold all that remains of the human race. A scant distance from the islands is the northern tip of a continent. This hostile mass of jagged mountains and blistering deserts is home to a race of giant ogres. Ages have come and gone since the last conflict between Man and Ogre. In the end the ogres won the right to the mainland and man was cast out into the ocean to find a place of his own. The climate has changed over the ages and the once lush mainland has become a savage and dry land. During the same time the Ring Islands have blossomed and allowed mankind to flourish.

Before man came to live on the islands two hearty races had made the islands their home for ages. The Feyuun (Elf Lords) and the Drunn’r (Dwarven Barons) laid clam to several of the islands. Limited resources placed the barbaric tribes of men at odds with them from the very beginning. Over time many of the tribes of men found ways to live in harmony with the Drunn'r and the Fey. Still, fey Fey or Drunn'r frequent human settlements and fewer humans are allowed in the homelands of the Demi-humans.

In the early days after the tribes settled there were many strong rivalries among the tribes. As the tribes grew in strength and numbers so to did the desire for conflict. During the conflict several strong tibes began to emerge. The DanBanowinn tribe eventually claimed unified rule over all the others. The King only ruled for two years before forming the council that rules to this day. His wisdom and leadership are revered to this day. The last King has been dead for more than 100 years.

The Ring Islands, named for the twelve islands that surround the central island of SanCroix, are now a loose federation of city states that pay allegiance to the council of elders that convene every six months to deliberate issues regarding the welfare of the federation. The outer islands are all governed by a noble house. A member of that house is always in attendance at the kings court in SanCroix. With this small measure of control the chief council has managed to keep peace in the realm for two decades.

The island of Lionne is where you have lived out your youth. The central range of mountains has been the backdrop for your every adventure. The sea is a constant companion. Your home village of Pananca is no stranger to conflict. The southernmost outpost of man is also the shield against the goblin nation that dwells in the woods and grasslands from here to the white cliffs at the southern tip of the island.

Lord Byron, sworn servant of the hand of light, is a pious and forthright leader. His skill as a warrior and his political cunning have earned him the respect of the citizens of Pananca. As the leader of House Casenjar he stands to inherit governance of the island should house Mastrioni fall from favor.

The fishing season was bountiful, as such a brisk economy has brought prosperity back to many. The same can not be said for the fortunes of your goblin neighbors to the south. A long dry summer and rampant wild fires have decimated their hunting grounds and habitats.

Signs of their desperation are growing and ever more bold raids are organized against outlying farms and ranches. Lord Byron’s men have doubled their patrols to the borderlands, but this has not quelled the problem. Bounties have been issued to eliminate the goblin threat. This has only served to diminish the coffers of the Duke. Unrest is everywhere. News from Lioness tells of a refugee ship just arrived for SanCroix. Messengers from Lioness have called for one representative from each household to attend a meeting in Lioness. The meeting is in two days and request that all in attendance bring arms and rations.

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