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The empire of Madesta is the undisputed power in the world. You have grown up in the empire hearing the stories your fathers and uncles told of the conquest of the northern alliance.

The war had been waged to a stand still over a period of eight years. It wasn't until alchemists within the empire refined and perfected the use of gunpowder that the tide of war was turned in favor of the empire. The long rifle had such an impact on the battlefield that within two years the commanders of the Madestan army had forced the unconditionial surrender of both Rhinehold and DuMandr.

After the war Queen Candenalli proclaimed that to maintain the strength of the empire that all men of fifteen years and women of like age whose skill is favorable to the army, shall be required to serve one year in her majesty’s army.

The Queen passed away two years ago. Her eldest son, Sevichu Candenalli, rose to power and started a campaign to tame wilder lands and remove the humanoid races of orcs, goblins, bugbears and gnolls. Trolls and ogres, considered a greater threat, seem to stay away from the civilized areas of the empire without need of policing.

To aid the new King in this task King Candenalli continued his mothers’ practice of conscript service to the empire. You having reached the age of conscription and have been summoned to serve in the Kings army.

The city state of Madesta is home to a population of nearly a million people. The empire is nestled in the plains of the Anispar Mountains near the inner-costal waterway Dungeness. Her beautiful building spires and onion domes reach to the heavens celebrating the prosperity of the people and the city. Madesta is an ancient city. The oldest portion of the city is the castle and the curtain wall. This area is now known as the Bailey District. Beyond the curtain wall is the new city, home of the working class. The structures here change in architecture favoring more modern building styles the further you get from the center of town. The area outside the Bailey district is divided into five sections: Crossroads, Lakeford, Farrgate, Hearth and Millhollow. Roads connect each of these areas. To their credit each district is its own city. The primary industries of each district are what founded them, but each has its own infrastructure to maintain law, supply goods and provide recreation.

Crossroads – The primary district is home to the market.
Lakeford – The largest and busiest port in the world.
Farrgate – Military camp and furthest point from the city proper.
Hearth – Home to the industrial center. Ore, smiths and Vulcan industries.
Millhollow – Grain processing The population of the empire is made up of several cultures.

The noble-class tend to be more a Spanish-like culture. The southern reaches of the empire are more Scottish-like and the bulk of the merchant class and labor force are Scottish-like. At the far southern rim of the empire are a tribal people that live in the desert and jungle areas there. This African-like culture lives in relative isolation from the empire. Some Madestan hunters and explorers frequent the region, but it is largely unexplored. The tribes of this area are not unified but are collectively known as the MuTou. Very few MuTou live and work in the empire, but those who do function in labor oriented functions. An advanced tribe of MuTou lives in the town of Dre on the east side of the Anispar Mountains. These people, who call themselves Kerger, are prized mercenaries.

The New World
It is well know that a colony exists in the new province of Mahgina, named after the queen who funded the expedition. What is lesser known is this colony was the cause of the war. Rumors support the idea that this is a lawless place on the edge of a swamp. Disease and plague have caused great hardship to the homesteaders there. The first settlements there are almost thirty years old now. A large fire in the main town of Kinestaya fifteen years ago caused the town to be rebuilt from scratch, which according to some locals wasn’t a bad thing. The rebuilt town is now a well-fortified and organized grid plan.

1454,April -Battle of Fort Senna, Beginning of the war.
1454,May -Discover New world
1455,Jan -Kinestaya settlement established
1464,Oct -Treaty of Kowloon
1467,Aug -Kinestaya fire
1468,Feb -Slavery legalized and the Panphar Company formed.
1480,Oct -Queen Mahgina Candenalli dies
1481,Jan -King Sevichu Candentalli’s coronation.
1481,June -Kemmer, General in Rhinehold army, goes to ruins in Longleer.
1482,Oct -The characters turn 15 years old, conscripted into army.
1482,Nov -Characters investigate trouble near Longleer.
1482,Dec - Aloysius Guthrie returns to Lancaster Keep in Mahgina.
1483, April - The Piranese Square massacre
1483,May -Year of service completed Sparrow departs for Kinestaya.
1485,July - Aloysius Guthrie breaks with home country of Rhinehold.
1487,Jan Characters reunited.

You have received a letter from the King’s Royal Academy. You have been selected to serve in the Cuirassier division reporting to Captain Danzig. The Cuirassier’s are a coveted post in the military. The mounted rifle corps is a very well respected group and Captain Danzig is a decorated war hero. You are required to be at the academy in Farrgate on October 1st at 8am to report for duty.

Several Prestige classes will become available later in the campaign. Among them a Frontiersman, Boccor, Duelist, and Eavesdropper.

Frontiersman is a custom class of ranger adept in swamp tracking spirit warding and long rifle.
Boccor is a specialized cross of a wizard and a cleric attuned to the spirit world and the undead.
Duelists are multi-weapon street fighters geared toward man-to-man combat.
Eavesdroppers are a Rogue class with enhancements to infiltration, information gathering and high society mingling.

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