Trinity Company

Realm update

  • The story of the church is up in all its glory.
  • Details of the Facci are coming soon.
  • Lexicon of the Grimme (grim) coming soon

Author: Erik Collett

Corman was last again to the dinner table. He wasn't worried as there was always a spot for him. However, it did bother him that he would be relentlessly pestered by his mother because of his tardiness. She cares too much. She should just leave me be. Corman had developed an air of cynicism that made jagged the usually smooth edges of his personality. His eyes glanced toward his father without really seeing him. His father was sitting at the head of the table, looking as stern as ever while watching over his brood. Beolnyr Mastiff's long tousled hair had streaks of white and gray belying age that his eyes would never tell. He seemed to be deep in thought, which he often was. You never knew exactly what weighed in on him so heavily.

Corman, somewhat too casually, wandered over to the vacant chair next to his older brother, Redgurn, who jostled him a bit jokingly as he settled in. Corman just wasn't in the mood for it. A black cloud had been lingering ever since the boys met with their father earlier that week. A certain bitterness pervaded and Corman couldn't get past it. Maybe I don't want to. His face was all too serious which made his elder brother balk. “You look as ornery as a gelding.” His brother's eyes glimmered as he smiled. Corman returned the smile with deadpan anger.

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