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The Zeratti Empire tamed and civilized the delta for all citizens of the empire. A great aqueduct system was built to supply fresh water to all the communities on the delta. With everything built on a grand scale the empire tamed the jungle and carved out a place in history. A sinister tide changed the balance of power in the region and a thousand years of progress fell into ruin. The displaced peoples of the empire now feared the cities they once lived in. Seeking salvation on the fringes of the empire the Zeratti were derelicts living outside the empire they had built. The primitive lifestyle they had reverted to made them a stranger of their own civilization and customs.

Along came a charismatic adventurer form a distant land. Lord McKain had taken a ship full of his people on an adventure that would lead them to a far distant land. A perilous storm caused the ship crash land on the shores of the ancient Zeratti empire. The survivors managed to salvage what they could and build a new home here. With the aid of the indigenous people McKain and his followers built a city on the very spot their ship had been dashed against the rocks. Years later the thriving city of Landing would act as the staging ground for numerous expeditions into the cursed ruins buried in the harsh jungle environment.

Now several small communities interact with Landing. The Land train that shuttles people and goods among the towns has quickened the expansion of the Newlanders.

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