by David Ernst and John Campbell

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Chapter 1
A quiet afternoon in the Tenderloin district of St. Louis was interrupted by gunfire. Four citizens caught in the crossfire react to the shooting. Disrupting the firefight enough to safely escape the four of them take the opportunity to lay low incase the heat turns its eye to innocents. Lee’s chinese restaurant in the heart of China Town serves at that haven.

During the dinner service a Mr. Jones and his strong man assistant offer the group rescue job. The price was enough to enlist their capable services.

A few attempt to drum up some leads end without success. Later a tip garnered from a local 5 and dime reveals a potential contact. The group would have the opportunity to meet Jack later that night.

Chapter 2
A bus ride across town would usually reveal anyone following you easily. Somehow the unshakable feeling of being watched does not abate. Exiting the bus near the Maze at the biker bar Kelsus confirms that the group is being followed by men wearing anachronistic gray cloaks. Jack leads the group into the bar hoping to meet up with another contact. The men in gray close in on the bar and Jack reveals that they are likely tuning into an amulet carried by Payson. A trinket recovered from the site where the girl was abducted.

Aided by a resident of the Maze, a Mr. Jack Campbell, the group is guided into the heart of the ravaged district. Early encounters with the men in gray tip the party to something strange about these cultists.

Later Jack introduces them to another resident of The Maze, Lance. Lance confirms the group of men in gray as the likely conspirators in the abduction. Soon the ensemble was off again deeper into The Maze.



The next session has yet to be sheduled.

Mason "Snap"
Fast/Fast: 2
Payson Vinder
Fast/Tough?: 2
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