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Eldred's Cross

Situated on the north shore of the Inner Sea. This rough frontier town is the staging ground for all military convoys heading north to the war.

St. Capella

Wine barons and merchants enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the scenic vineyards.

St. Lucius

Universities and Seminaries attract scholars and theologians to the beautiful wine country of St. Lucius

Angel's Reach

The Free City of Angel's Reach is the most rmote still under control of the Emperor.


Home to the ruling class of the empire. Many family estates dot the Black Forest hills surrounding the emperor's haven.


The hillside mining town is known for its Mithryl mines. The deepwater port is on good terms with the Empire.


This small port city is home to a huge fishing fleet.




The capital city of the empire. This sprawling city is the center of commerce for the empire.


A small mining town founded by monks.


This remote deepwater port is an idyllic place to live except for the marauding pirates of Nessia that threaten the port town.


A secure port fortress that defends the Inner Sea from pirates.


The capitol of Castille and home to Queen Maria dela Toro


Home to the largest military fleet in the empire. The majestic city rises from the ocean up to the cliffs above.

The Chalice

The middle pass to the Grimm is guarded by a fortress known for a long tradition of valor.


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