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Elsha Nitewind

"If 'ere there was a true beauty to behold 'tis 'er. I save my extra pence hoping she'll pick me one day."


"The old war vet is a gentile soul. Makes ya feel at home and is quick with an ale or a joke if your in need of distraction."


"He eats twice the rations of any of us, but i'll wager hes worth it on the battlefield.."

Renni DiStefano

"I dunno how this guy is gunna survive. I've taken craps bigger than him."

Sgt Marc Hauser

"He look out for his men, but he takes some awful risks himself."

Barroness Panadria Vaal

"If she keep takin' advice from her uncle shel make a pretty corpse."

Lady Celeste Rahmel

"They say the Saints talk to her directly. I think she is just crazy, fearless and crazy."

Friar Benito Cenzi

" ''es a good man. Always ready with a good joke."

Lady Elizabeth Dunne

“As commanders go, she’s probably seen more of the world than most."

Monsignor Sebastian

"Keep your nose clean. If he has any excuse he'll turn your mistake into an inquisition."

Sir William Whiteoak

"The boy wades into them ogres with his sword, shrieking at the top of his lungs, and them ogres…two of ‘em fall before they know what’s happening."


"They say he is the leader of The Collective. Thats like saying a cat rancher is in charge of the cats."

Bishop Portacio

"He has been here for ten years. I can't seem to recall who preceded him."


"She is all business. I wouldn't want to be the business."


"She is not her sister, but in some ways that is a good thing. With a little seasoning she could be a force to recon with."



Commander Cole

"The commander is a stern bastard, but he'll keep ya alive long enough to make it to the front lines. After that its in your hands."

Gwynneth Chamberlain

"A hard worker that one."

Maxmillian Drakenhof

“It’s not boasting when you can actually do what you say.”

Captain Bernard

"Does anyone have a more important job in this war? You like to eat? "

Paolo Sartosa II

"Poor guy, 'e don't seem cut out for fighting. "

Sir Francis Boscobel

"He is one tough bastard, but he's got a face only a mother could love."

The Pentangeles

"This isn't a picnic.They do know we are going to war don't they?"

Sir Eric Venns

“Shhh! He might be near! Look, I’ve passed his tent at night and heard him shrieking in his sleep. It chills the bones. "

Captain Aquino

“G’grach fes laitr’e on pelwynn cenn. Sil carac flewyn? Y’vech willomarr!”

Sir Phillip DeHaven

"He's been with the column since we left Nevermore. If anyone can organize those nobles its him."

Lord Aiden

"He's the guy in charge of this whole thing."

Pvt. Bridgette Flagg

"She is as tough as nails, even though she doesn't look like it.."


"Whether she likes you or not you know it. Best to stay on her good side to avoid burn scars."

Hector of Thippus

"He is a member of the Collective, but he seems more grounded than most of the wizards."

Samuel Thinne

"He spends a lot of time in the lab. I suppose he is making something amazing. Who knows?"


"The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for."


"Her beauty knows no rival. She is royaty in her realm."


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