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Perhaps the only “Free City,” it unintentionally fell away from the empire due to its remoteness.  Once a trade city, things dried up when the dwarves closed themselves into their mountains and the elves withdrew as trade partners.  It lost its importance to the empire.  Now it is steadily “going native,” as the city’s culture absorbs more and more of the elven ways, and the ways of the barbarian tribes of the Northern Black Forest.

All races mix and mingle here – enterprising dwarves, gnomes & Halflings, Barbarians (elven, human, dwarven), elves, centaurs and the infrequent Fey Folk.  Life is slower, more natural.  If half-elves have a place they can call home, it’s Angel’s Reach.  It is also where many independent Rangers come from.  Plenty of adventure is to be had in the Northern Black Forest and foothills of the Eastern Alps.

CIty ViewSituated in the foothills of the Florentian Alps, this isolated city carries the memory of frendlier times between the races. The Elven and Dwarven embassies stand as empty reminders of those days.

The most prominent feature of the cityscape is the central Angel's Spire. A structure built before the empire conquered and "civilized" the town. Those who remember the glory days of the tower tell of the importance to sages and wizards alike.

Size: Small City
Population: 5,000
Trade: Fur, Cultural artifacts, Wood, Honey, Mead, Sheep, Wool
People of Interest
Kjartan Bragassan - Duke & Governor of Angel's Reach
Once a favored member of a noble house in the Black Forest. He was assigned as a liasone to the Everqueen by Then Emperor Aristus III of Florenta. The region had an intoxicating influence on Kjartan that found him at odds with his ambitions back home. To save face, his father petitioned to have his eldest son appointed as Baron (regional govenor) of the northlands. The venerable emperor cared little about Angel's Reach and agreed. At best, the young noble might find a way to improve tax collection from the rogue region. At worst he would dissapear into an untamed wilderness.

In their own words:

Viktor Grimsdottir - Loremaster of the North Country
Viktor is the cartaker of Angel's Spire. He and his staff tirelessly work to restore and catalog the wonderous libriary and artifact collection. Mush of their time is spent hunting down stolen artifacts that once belonged to the tower. Viktor regularly contracts with adventurers and bounty hunters to recollect these prized items. He pays well and commands respect of the locals, many of whom remember the days when the towere was a source of inspiration for all.

In their own words:
“Our cause is not a noble one, butone of duty. Our history and culture is not for sale. It is every man, woman and childs duty to see that our former culture be restore for the benefit of all.”

Emiliana Tomasson - Disciple of Kakari'Ton, "Gail"
As High Priestess of the Dragon Disipes in Angel's Reach she is a self appointed recruiter of talent. The order is snall and selctive. The Kabbalah of the Dragon is a granite temple of sorts where the Cabal meet.

In there Own words:
“Perfection is a lifelong goal. The timid need not apply.”


Places of interest
Angel's Spire - The tallest of the five spires, this ancient structure was built around PE 610. The King of Valkyre, Ik'Tevire as the town was known then built the tower to appeal to the pagan God Wulf (God of the hunt). Wulf was so pleased by the structure that it is said that he took up residence in the high reaches of the tower.The king and his high shaman were said to have kept company and shared council.

Kabbalah of the Dragon - Constructed of granite blocks and slate roofing the sturdy four story building is home to the Cabal of the dragon Shaman. Said to be desendents of the God of the hunt. Few are admitted into this structure without direct invitation.

Longhouse of the Forgotten - A Dwarven embassy of sorts. Left over from the early days of the city. It is said to be haunted by 25 dwarven warriors who committed ritual suicide after being denied access to return to Delmharven.

Snow Ghost Inn & Pub - Named after a legendary ranger hailing from Fel County. The pub is bustling with activity day and night. The Ice Horn Stout is a local favorite beer.

The Glaive, Public House - Not to be outdone by the Snow Ghost, The Glaive too brews a famous Roughneck Stout.

Dryleaf Tavern - Catering more to Fay tastes the Dryleaf serves wines, meads and teas of wondrous variety

Azimuth's Tower - A short tower compared to Angel's Spire reaching a mere 380'. This tower is home to a thriving Mage guild. Strange otherworldly sound and flashing lights can be seen from the upper floors at night.

Iceblock Tower - Home to the Red Yetis.

Angel's Reach finds itself in the enviable position of being an easily defensible fortified mountain town. Security is assigned to the Red Yetis, Kjartan Bragassan's right arm . A force of Passwar veterans and former guards from Port Icarus who petitioned the governor after their pay had been cut. The men and women are tough and loyal to the Duke.
Merchants & Guilds
As in other cities within the Empire, merchants and guilds masters enjoy considerable prosperity and influence. In Angel's Reach, the three guilds represented are the Teamsters (overseeing all overland transport, caravans, carts & wagons, stables & all beasts of burden), the Merchants (overseeing all buying and selling of goods) and the Tradesmen (overseeing all aspects of construction [carpenters, masons, plasterers, painters, engineers, roofers, etc.] and manufacturing [smiths of all types, leathermen, tailors & weavers, woodworkers, even artists]). These guilds are less powerful here than in areas closer to the Empire.

Rogue tradesmen often bring their wares to sell here. This sometimes erupts in open quarrels, but rarely turns to violence. No taxes are paid to the Empire here. as such the prices tend to be lower for local goods.

In this remote corner of the empire even the clouds yield to the features of this untamed land. Mountains to make those of the Pyr blush for calling themself thus. I stand awed here among the giants. The Alps defy reason in their push to claim the sky. At the higher peaks snow never yields to summer’s kiss. A white crown for all seasons. The great basin below testifies to the bounty of snow, yielding enough water to inspire trees to attempt to compete for dominance of the sky. Pine scented winds tell travelers of the ever green nature of this valley.

It is difficult to imagine this place in any other form that that I look upon now. Lumberjacks the size of ice giants could labor for a lifetime and never diminish the bountiful harvest of trees.

A late spring snow hampered my arrival. Today as the sun melts the heavy snow I am greeted by a thousand tiny rivers singing the song or water on its journey to the joining river below. Bleating sheep herald the first signs of civilization in a fortnight. A lush green carpet seems to soften the jutting granite peaks. Giving the land around Angel’s Reach a valley meadow feel. If not for the towering snow covered peaks I would believe myself to be in some Fey glen far from winter’s reach.