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Pronounced La-Oh-na


In many respects this forest holds more danger than any goblin stronghold in the Grimme. Magic an nature find themselves intertwined in the ways long lost in civilized area in the world. TO live in such a play requires and understanding and respect for the power of nature. For nowhere else in the realm does nature personify itself to the degree it does here. Visitors here are very aware of the sentient nature of the woods. Unskilled or unaware travelers are quickly consumed by the beautiful and deadly woods or the denizens therein.

Throne of the Everqueen - Emissaries tell of their visits to the Everqueen's throneroom but little can be corraberated since accounts vary so widely. Ever her description changes dependeing on the witness. What can be established is that she hold great sway over the woods and can controll the growth and movement of the forest with a thought. She is as unpredictable as nature herself and kills seeminly without reason sparing others without thought.

Size: Forest
Population: Unknown
Trade: By permission only
People of Interest
Everqueen, Little is known for certain about this enigmatc figure. She is as unpredictable as nature herself and kills seeminly without reason sparing others without thought.

Silvera - an Arcane Archer and a Prince of Llhona, a mighty warrior. He detests goblins, is aloof with humans, and sees no purpose in dealing with grubby dwarves. Silvera is a vocal opponent to the Everqueen’s policy of committing troops to the human Passwars and Crusade.

Parlaiment of Shade - An organization of fey nobility that represent the peoples of Llohna and their interests.
Places of interest
Fal'Lach - This stone tower is the northwest outpost of the Everqueen’s army. Garrisoned by 200 elven archers and rangers, it is the watchtower against goblin incursion (and once, against dwarven misconduct.) The Fal’Lach elves are skilled goblin hunters, and remain ever watchful, fully aware of the strength, ferocity and numbers of the Doomhammer Goblins in Red Harvest Valley. Visitors to Fal’Lach can camp freely around the tower, but are forbidden from entering the main structure.