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Fondly referred-to simply as Mole, this small city is devoted to copper and silver mining, and quarrying of Pyraen marble and granite.  Located in the hills of the Pyr Range. 

It is also home to the Archon Monastery.  This retreat serves as a bastion of defense for the people of Mole’, a place of worship, a center of instruction for priests and friars, and a school for Monks.  Archon monks follow St. Cuthbert, but they are not holy men or priests (though they can be.)  Whether they use their martial skills to serve Cuthbert is up to them.  Those who do are respected and welcomed by the Church and its emissaries.  Some monks start out as devout followers of Cuthbert, but once they are out in the world they fall away from the faith and pursue their own way in life.  These are referred to as “Fallen Monks” by the rest of the faithful, and are viewed with a mixture of pity and disregard.

Size: Village
Population: 1,200
Trade: Granite, wine, wheat, potatoes, vodka
People of Interest
Curate Molini - Entrusted with the care and maintenace of books and artifacts, Molini is known for his knowledge of the mundane, divine and mistical. Aside from paying a fir price for recovered artifacts he supervises the distillery wher the vodka is bottled.

In their own words:
"Many treasure does the erath yield. The value in in the care and keeping."

Ortin Lenbo- Proprietor of the Stonesaw, Ortin is a retired miner and storyteller. standing only just over five feet tall and weighing in at nearly 200 lbs he is nealy as big as the tales he tells.

In their own words:
"My last night in the mine I saw her with my own eyes, The Maiden of Trundle. There was I with my crew. 'Twas nearly a month underground when she came to us. As she approached we felt a tremble in the ground. She came like the wind extinguishing our lamps and even the wizards fire. She had her own light that consumed and bathed us in blue. All around us we could here the mine collapsing. Her hair was silver like the richest vein of silver you e' er saw. One by one she cradled us in her arms growing in size with each of us she saved. When her light faded we found ourselves at the mouth of the cave nearly eight miles from the collapse."
Places of interest
Acheron Monistery - This fortification is proof against the indigenous population of gnolls and bugbears that wander in from the surrounding hills and mountains. Cleric warriors and paladins organize the defenses.

Stonesaw Roadhouse - A favorite of miners and travelers. The Stonesaw is a haven for any who venture through the hamlet.

Merchants & Guilds
The mining guild is the only organization in the town with sufficient numbers to maintain a guild. Though the silver mine is profitable the vein runs almost vertically into the earth. Travel time from the surface to the active mine takes nearly a day to reach. The journey uses a combination of rails and elevators. Some sections of the cave were so unstable as to warrant solicitation of the Mage's Guild at Torri Duo. With the advise of mining chiefs the wizards were able to shore up the environment an enable deeper exploration. Many of the miners supervising the magicians as they worked were assaulted by beings they described as otherworldly beings and spirits. For a time construction halted. Eventually a high cleric from Florenta arrived to purge the incursion. In order to proof the mine against further attacks is was the decision of the Prefect to construct a chapel in the mine. Ever since it has been heralded as the deepest mission in the empire.

The marble, granite, and silver have resumed their uninterrupted flow to the Imperium. The guild's coffers ar deep, even after a healthy tithing. Shipments leaving the area enjoy some of the best protection in the realm.