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Port Icarus
Truly the last civilization before crossing the Alps into the Grimme, this place is high and cold. Most of the structures are stone and heavy timber, and the town is encircled by a 15’ stone wall with battlements. Stone watchtowers with artillery flank the entrance to the bay. All trades and crafts are represented here, and the town is well-organized and self-sufficient. Control of the town is pulled at by three factions; the Fur Trade, the Mining Trade and the Military.


Size: Small City
Population: 3,000
Trade: Furs, mining (rubies and gold), fishing (the finest, richest furs in the Empire come from here.)
People of Interest
Lord Thalas the Furrier King
a wealthy warlord and former noble from the Empire, a community leader with an enormous ego. His personal troops are called the Thalas Wolves.

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Ravennia Marke
a beautiful Fighter / Rogue turned merchant and community leader, who dominates the mining trade. She is cunning and ambitious.

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General Hadrian - Disciple of Kakari'Ton, "Gail"
commander of the Port Icarus Marines and fleet, a warlord with a deep hatred of Frost Giants, qualifies as a Barbarian class. He is stern and unforgiving, and ferocious in battle. His dislike of Ravennia and Lord Thalas is no secret.

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Places of interest
Griffon, a large inn and tavern.
Reaver’s Stein, a rough tavern with gaming and women.
Herald’s Market, an open-air trader’s plaza where both common and unusual items (giant & dwarvish) can be found.
Deacon’s Keep, a small fortress with a commanding position of the town and the bay, home to Lord Thalas and his troops.
Port Icarus Garrison, another stone fortress on the bay with private docks and shipyard, where the Port Icarus Marines are quartered.

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