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  • Overview

A deepwater port at the foot of high cliffs & the Pyr Range, there are no suitable passes to provide access to the rest of the Empire, and it is effectively approachable only from the sea. It is a mining city which serves the “Deadmines”, the primary producer of Mithril in the ‘civilized’ world, with diamonds as a byproduct. Viletta’s remoteness made it difficult for the empire to hold onto after Thessalya & Thippus broke from the Imperium, and as the wars in the Passes dragged on, draining resources, Florenta had to let it go. (Also, Viletta wanted to belong to the Thippus / Thessalya Alliance.)
Control of the Deadmines and the city goes back and forth between Nessia and the Alliance. Frequent battles have ravaged the small port, often interrupting mining and bringing the Mithral trade to a stuttering halt. Even when Nessian occupation forces are driven out, they leave behind dark and fearsome creatures in the mines that prey on miners and disrupt operations.
There was a time when Elven trade ships from Llohna were as common in Viletta’s harbor as seagulls, but now due to the way the port changes hands, only the occasional elven ship ghosts in and out of port, no more than 2 or 3 per year.

Size: Medium City/Seaport City State
Population: 20,000
Trade: Mithril

Viletta functions as an equal nation in the Thippus / Thessalya alliance, although it remains an independent City-State. Governing of the city, mines and foreign affairs is conducted by a seven-member council of nobles, each voted upon by the other nobles, and each of whom may serve only five years before stepping down (a process which leads to a great deal of corruption and political intrigue.) The council is headed by a ‘High Magister’ (voted in by the council) who serves ten years, theoretically making him or her immune to political maneuvering…

Although Viletta has a standing army of around 2,000 infantry, they are supplemented by a mandatory citizen militia which can ad up to 6,000 troops. Viletta’s small fleet of warships is for defense only.

The people of Viletta are for the most part followers of the Church of Cuthbert, and watched over by the “Bishop of Viletta,’ the ranking Church delegate, who answers to superiors at the Basilica in Florenta. A small force of paladins and Church troops protect the Bishop and his cathedral. The Holy Inquisition is unwelcome in Viletta.
People of Interest

Shale the Wise: This old, battle-scarred wizard serves as the chief advisor to the High Magister, and has done so for nearly 50 years.
In Their Own Words… “Fear not the Nessians. Their capabilities are known. We should look to our defense against the white-haired serpent who dwells far beneath us.”

Sir Geoffrey of Valencia: A paladin of the Church of Cuthburt, this young knight is charged with not only the protection of the bishop, but with the overall defense of Viletta. Although young, he has seen many battles with the Nessians and is an experienced warrior.
In Their Own Words… “Only through the sustaining power of His grace will we achieve victory over our enemies. And we shall show mercy to our captives, where they would not.”

Groups and Guilds

VILETTA MINER’S ASSOCIATION: A union-style organization of mine workers, who demand – and receive – a share of the mithril proceeds for their hard and dangerous work. Without them, all work shuts down.

VILETTA 2nd PIKE: An elite battalion of experienced soldiers skilled at repelling Nessian attacks. Considered one of the premier combat units in the Known World.

Places of Interest

THE DEADMINES: An extensive warren of mines reaching deep into the Pyr, with as-yet uncharted depths. Rich with veins of pure mithril, the mines also produce a small amount of diamonds. It is not unusual for subterranean creatures to prowl up from the deep to prey upon miners.

ST. STEPHEN’s: This impressive marble and granite cathedral, home to the Bishop, is consecrated to the Patron Saint of Masons and Miners.

THE MITHRIL FLAGON: The premier tavern in Viletta, known for its rich Mountain Stout.

FEATHERBREAST’S: This is an elven operated mithril-smith / armorer highly skilled at fashioning any possible armor arrangement out of mithril. The craftsmen dabble in weaponry as well.


Coinage from Thippus and Thessalya is common, and has an equal exchange rate. Coins from the Empire are still frequently found, but are devalued by 20%. Viletta has its own coinage, as seen below;

“Viletta Dorcha”
Value: 250 gp.
An extremely rare mithril coin minted primarily for the Elves of Llhona at the Deadmines of Viletta. Only the very wealthy in Viletta possess these, and always in small numbers.

“Viletta Krueng”
Value: 1 gp.
Depicting the image of “Corinth,” a hero of ancient Viletta, this gold coin is common and often worn from use and shaving.

“Silver Claudius”
Value: 1/5th gp.
A very common coin, the obverse shows Claudius IV, an early king of Thippus who was banished from his homeland to the unknown sea, and made landfall after a great storm, establishing a city…present day Viletta.

“Viletta Pence”
Value: 1/20th gp
Also called a “Copper Bull,” this extremely common coin – in a city based on mithril – is hardly worth picking up off the ground.