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  • Overview

A mix of human, elves, halfs, and mixed-blood Kaldoorei. A ‘Free’ town of independents. Some of the finest furs and softest leathers in the Empire come from here, as well as some of the best bows and axes. The people are fiercely proud and respectful of both the bounty and wrath of nature. Symbols of the Wolf can be found throughout town, and most folks here are pagan.


The outskirts of the town are patrolled by the citizens. Each is assigned an area to guard for a week at a time. The patrols and assignments are governed by the village Highfather. The Highfather is an elected position and is traditionally a male role, though not always and will change title to Highmother on occasions where the governing defense coordinator is female. It is a rare instance when visitors arrive in White Wolf without first being spotted.


Size: Town
Population: Local 1,000
Trade: Hunting, trapping, all trades common to a large human town.
People of Interest
Sargeras, a high level Ranger and Giant Slayer, an experienced Goblin Fighter and community leader, with political conflict with Fardan.

Peach, a young female fallen nun from Florenta. Her dark features and sullen nature

Anduin, a female furrier specializing in wolf pelts. Efficient at hunting and trapping, she consistently earns a fair living as a trapper.

Ilyich, a reclusive Ranger / Guide. He is said to dissapear for weeks at a time. Locals have reported that his journes often take him deep into The Verve.

Nightshade, A well known goblin hunter and scout. He is well know for his adopted daughters and son. All of whom have joined the Imperial Rangers. His oldest Taenglewood is assigned to Lord Aiden. His second Silverhawk is reportedly on a quest with a band of adventurers. Skinner the youngest is assigned to The Chalice.
Nightshade currently makes frequent journeys into Red Harvest Valley and Hobgoblin Hills to keep tabs on the population and clan movements.
Places of interest
Highcastle, a stone fortress and home to the warrior and fur trader Fardan and his private force of 100 hardened goblin-fighters known as the ‘Frostmen.’

The Wolf’s Claw, a popular inn and tavern.

Wicker’s, an arms crafter of incredible detail and beauty who specializes in Mithril.

The Sentient Tree, a massive living oak hollowed out into many chambers, home to an enclave of druids who interact regularly with the Kaldoorei and offer their abilities to support the community.

Merchants & Guilds
Guilds are unknown here. Craftsmen hone their trade in support of the community. There is a spirit of community that pervades the town. Resources are plentiful here in the summer and sparce during the winter months. For this reason there is great cooperation in harvesting and trading to support one another during the long winters.