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by Keith Haney
Maurice Ironsides

Maurice is the de facto guardian of Willowford. His years of soldiering have left him debilitated, leaving him unable to stand or walk for long without discomfort. Maurice is seldom without his charger "Dusty". Her tawny coat still shines even though she too is getting on in years.

He appears to be in his early forties physically, but according to Prior Bevan he is at least fifty years old. Gruff in demeanor, he clearly cares for the people of Willowford. Most welcome him at gatherings and festival as a signal of security.

Flint Boughfort

Flint has been a fringe member of the Willowford community going back more seasons than most can recount. His increasing reclusiveness over the years has made him an uncommon sight in town.

With the arrival of his half-elf daughter many came to understand his remoteness. His services as a ranger were much in need by the town, but his infrequent visits caused some hardship until his daughter came of age and took on his responsibilities.

Now news of his welfare comes from his daughter when she makes her weekly visit to town.

Talaith Coppingham

Talaith has been a prosperous resident of Willowford for the last two years. It was not always so. She and her brother arrived penniless and on the verge of starvation. Her natural acumen for organization and an unwavering tenacity had allowed her to forge a textile business from nothing. She is likely the richest merchant in Willowford. Her younger brother Sir Robert Coppingham is in service to the King thanks to her generous sponsorship.

Comely and well spoken she has an endless number of suitors parading into town for the opportunity to court her. Most leave dejected and all have fount their suit rejected. At twenty four she is in the prime of her life with seemingly no end to her good fortune.

Her stone cottage on the west side of the river is a commanding two story structure with several out buildings. She attends the Sunday market regularly and is on good terms with Prior Bevan.

Joenns Wurst

Wearing his hair in a braided pony most of the time. Joenns’ magical aptitude favors abjuration. He has become an expert at warding and defensive magic.

A bit of a recluse, he is seldom seen in town. The only place he frequents is the new Sunday market. He will often rent a booth from the Prior and sell old or unwanted magic. He tinkers a great deal with magic and will craft odd items regularly. His handicap is evident in his missing right hand. He commonly wears a leather glove to conceal the missing appendage.

He shows sparks of personality, but an abiding darkness clings to him and drives him to keep his own company.

Caddoc of Second Meadow

Most in town know him to be aloof and quirky. Long-time residents know him to have moments of brilliance and good wisdom. Most dismiss him as touched or delusional. His druidic skills are often called upon to aid in nourishing the crops during times of drought or calming the ravages of a tempestuous storm.

Mild in his mannerisms he is seen as kind and fragile of mind. He is called second meadow for his rambling about a secret garden that he has been cultivating for years. On occasion he will bring fruits to market that do not grow in this cliamate claiming it is from his secret garden. He does not sell the fruits and vegitables from his garden, preferring to give them away when the mood suits him.

Siliceae The Hamadryad

The hamadryad's tree has grown an flourished in these remote woods for over a millennia. In that time her tree and the surrounding woods flourished. So great was her influence that many who lived in the woods came to worship her as The Green Mother.

It wasn't until an outside interloper in the form a a holy-man entered her woods with a vision of his own, that the sanctity of her world was spoiled and a sentence imprisonment was forced upon her.

With her worshipers in peril of losing their cultural history she is now awakening from her long quiescence to a world that is much changed.

Pascal (Dale) DuMond

Pascal is a consummate professional. As the preeminent cheese merchant in the area he is colorful addition to the town. Splitting his time between Willowford and Lonn his spends as much time on the road as crafting his excellent cheeses. His business is based in Lonn and all his operations and employees are there.

Many believe the reason he travels to Willowford each Sunday is to garner attantion from the most eligable bachlorette in town Talaith.

His harming accent and smooth demeanor would woo lesser women without effort.

Justine Innskeep

Justine is the owner proprietor of the Hamadryad Inn and Public House. She is a proud woman in her late thirties. She runs the inn efficiently and honestly. Most of her patrons are locals, as such she knows them by name and is not afraid to mother them if necessary to remind them of proper behavior and conduct.

Newcomers are welcomed with a scrutinizing eye. Justine can handle most herself well enough. When things get out of hand she calls on Donnlyn, the cook. He seldom makes appearance in the public house. He is slow of wit and conscious of teasing. He is a formidable fighter when he is asked to settle fights. He acts the role of son to Justine though they are nearly the same age.

Justine looks after her employees like they are family. Jillette and Darla are the servers for the Hamadryad. They are not well paid by Justine, but she knows they make good with tips.

Adam Bayorson

Adam is son to the master builder hired to build the new temple of Iomedae. Adam employees a crew of masons that effectively amount to his posse. They are loyal to him due to the good wages he pays them.

Adam is know to enjoy his ale and frequents the Hamadryad most nights for a bite to eat and as may pints as they will serve him. He had a reputation for being a bit of a bully. It is tolerated for the most part, due to his liberal spending of his coin and his relation to his respected father Bayor.

Brother Finch (Cellarer)

One of the better fed holy men of the priory, Finch is a consummate match to his job a cellarer. His love of food and order conspire to generate some of the best bread and pies for miles around. He is shrewd in his bargaining for supplies for the priory. Thus, he is allowed this prestigious job even though he has a knack for nicking his own share of everything in the Cellar.

A jovial man fond of story telling, he is as pious as he need to be to remain a monk in the order and little more.


Jillette brings personality to the public house at the Hamadryad. Her bubbly disposition and jovial nature make her a natural flirt. In her line of work that fill the purse faster than a taciturn beauty might.

At nineteen she is still an eligible maiden, but her ability to avoid attachment seems to be improving with time. He independent streak along with her slightly caustic wit is off-putting to more traditional suitors.


Darren Havers

An aspiring Bowyer. Darren has been a competent fletcher and leatherworker for years. He and his wife Gretchin live in Willowford crafting tools for hinters and the occasional traveler. They make a modest living and never seem to want for much. With their two children they attend services regularly at the church of Iomedae.

Darren has a soft spot for locals and will often trade goods for services or cut prices on merchandise that isn't moving well for locals.


The more reserved of the two bar maids at the Hamadryad, Darla is known for her great singing voice. For any funeral services in the county she is regularly called upon to be the keener. Her lyrical melodies add beauty and reverence to any gathering.

Darla, like many here is a war orphan. She earns enough at the Hamadryad to afford her own cottage. She has many suitors, but as yet has not shown preference.

Michael Awler
Michael has a small homestead several miles out of town. He seems to make a better living buying and selling leather goods than being a farmer or rancher. As such he travels a fair amount to purchase and sell leather goods. When he is anxious or nervous he tends to talk incessantly.
Prior Bevan

Prior Bevan is relatively new to Willowford. His assignment here six months ago has brought about rapid change to the sleepy hamlet. Though Willowford managed to eek out an existence in the remote forest. Bevan has turned the economic engine up a notch. His natural affinity for managing has brought prosperity to Willowford.

A humble and honest man, Bevan is good at his profession excepting that he is not the best public speaker. His sermons tend to be as structure and sensible as everything else in his life. This tends to manifest itself as a less than stirring sermon. Most don't seem to mind, but there is more fidgeting in the pews than there used to be.

Bevan's introduction of the Sunday market is the real reason people suffer through his sermons. With other marks at least a days ride away. Willowford's market is a welcome change from long trips to Lonn, Demming, or Mayfair.

Brother Kaylin

Known for his talent for healing he is often called upon to aid the injured or infirm.

Bayor Builder

Bayor is a master mason. He move here with his family to take on the building of a temple of Iomedae. Though he is of the faith his real religion is construction. Standing nearly six and a half feet tall he is an intimidating sight. Soft spoken for the most part he only flairs to match his stature when the project is off track or a trade is poorly completed.

His only son Adam is an accomplished mason. Securing this job had advanced him to journeyman and he can now command his own work crew, a situation that Bayor is immensely proud of. Bayor knows his son is nearly as big as he, but does not see how poorly he treats others.

"Bull" Hyll


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