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1. Entry - A heavy oak door with pocked metal hinges secures the entrance.

2. Foyer - A small stone room with a low ceiling. Heavy timber logs support the rooms above. A tapestry hangs on the alcove adjacent to the door. A modest desk fills the recess.

3. Kitchen - A second recess slightly larger than the preceding on holds a small brick hearth covered by a metal hot plate. Several pots and pans hang from heavy gauge nails in the chimney flu.

4. Hall - The ceiling hangs lower here requiring most to bend low if they with to sit at the chair and tables nestled within. A pewter candelabra rests on the table. Several old wine goblets rest nearby, wine rings staining their interior.
The bench behind the table holds a longsword wrapped in a blanket. It is of master craft quality and imparts a +1 bonus to hit.

5. Stairs - A narrow stone stairwell climes to the next floor.

6. Drawing Room - Tall ceilings and ambient light illuminate the chamber. Book cases hold only a few books. Most of the remaining space is filled with odd trinkets and oddities. A variety of musical instruments are carefully arranged on stands near the bookcases. The instruments are quite valuable and represent nearly every city of the known world.

7. Bedroom - Not technically separate from the drawing room is a small poster bed draped with heavy curtains. A sea chest resting at the foot. A door At The end of the room faces the street below.
The balcony looks out to the street and the harbor below. A bar on the inside holds the door closed.