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Size: Capital Fortress City
Population: 95,000+
Trades: Piracy
Dangers: Pirates
Languages: Nessian


Bigger, more developed and more prosperous than the port of Apoxus, Abraxus is the self-proclaimed capital of Nessia. The city is a walled fortress designed to defend against both the sea and land, and its ports are huge. Half of Nessia’s pirate fleet calls this home port, and like Apoxus, the State gets a sizeable cut of everything. Also like its sister city, Abraxus is dark, dangerous, filthy and run down, but the pirate trade is strong – markets are more prosperous and varied. The city has withstood countless assaults by Thessalyan forces, and has never fallen.

Single-rule Tyranny – The Darkmage Abraxus rules his city through force and terror, making those who serve him cower. Besides his personal power, he is spported by an army of retainers called the “Tuffel Hundt” (Hell Hounds) who patrol the streets and protect the city. Appointed officials, petty and corrupt, manage the day-to-day affairs of the city .

Considered the “stronger brother,” he despises his sibling. If only he could overthrow him. Vile and immensely powerful, Abraxus has sold his soul for demonic power to augment his spellcasting. His fortress is located on a high, rocky plateau overlooking the city and the sea beyond, as is said to be guarded by a cadre of demons under his control.
In Their Own Words… “Your soul….it smells delicious!””
In Abraxus, Christianity is outlawed, and captured Christians are publicly executed or fed to foul beasts for public entertainment. Although worship of a wide variety of demons is permitted, it is the Church of Orcus that reigns supreme, the black spires of its massive cathedral reaching to the sky. Abraxus himself is a High Priest of Orcus, and has been known to personally preside over the Black Mass. In the city, pigs are considered sacred animals (their killing or bothering is forbidden), and wander the streets and buildings at will much like sacred Hindu cows.
  THE CHURCH of ORCUS: A massive, brooding, gothic cathedral designed to mock Christianity, its statuary honors swine and their foul, demonic master. The priests of Orcus hold great power in the city… each is thoroughly wicked, corrupt, murderous and personally wealthy.
  CITADEL of SOULS: A squat, black stone fortress guarding the mouth of the city’s harbor. It is a heavily armed, impenetrable keep, and is home to the dreaded Tuffel Hundt.
  DARKMAGE SPIRE: Challenging the lofty heights of the Church of Orcus, this black tower is home to the Abraxus Darkmages, and is filled with workshops, conjuring rooms, housing, dungeons… similar to Torre Duo. Deadly magic, enslaved demons and otherworld creatures are said to defend this spire of evil power.
  TARTERUS MARKET: An impressive, open-air marketplace for plundered goods, it boasts a huge slave pen and active auction block.
  THE BLACK GALLEON: An actual galleon at anchor on the main wharf, this vessel has been converted into a large tavern / brothel. Bloody, violent, and a source of endless fun for villains of all stripes, it is a favorite of Nessian pirates.
  The Great Swine: This obese and disfigured High Priest of Orcus rules the demon lord’s black cathedral. His depravity knows no bounds, and his treatment of captured children is infamous and unmentionable. An evil cleric of high level, his power is second only to Abraxus himself.
In Their Own Words… “Don’t be afraid my child…come sit with Uncle Swine…there’s a good lad.”
  Captain Silver: A feared pirate lord and commodore of 20 ships, this one-eyed marauder is an old veteran of many raids and naval battles. He maintains a fortified manor house overlooking large, private docks. His pirates serve him like religious zealots (out of fear and profit.)
In Their Own Words… “The war fleet of Hadria is impressive, and is to be avoided when sailing in force. But the soft underbelly and treasures of Thessalya and Thippus are worth the risk. Hoist the sails, men!”
  Kelkis Morrant: Although this is his true name, it is a well-kept secret, and Morrant operates under a public pseudonym. A trader of slaves and plundered goods, Morrant is in reality an Imperial Marshal of the Empire, under deep cover for nearly a decade. He is constantly gathering intelligence on Nessian fleet operations and smuggling it back to the Empire. His cover persona is one of an indifferent merchant, but if he was ever exposed, his suffering would know no end.
In Their Own Words… “These pearls have blood on them. And could you at least wipe the brains off this wedding dress before trying to sell it to me?”
  The Tinnians: A family of professional assassins, all related by blood, numdering over 200 members. They are the premier contract killers of Nessia (possibly the Known World), experienced and thorough, and not afraid to go anywhere in the world to carry out a killing.