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Rogue 2/Fighter 1


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Every sight, every sound, even the smells in the air would forever be ingrained in the boy's memory. He was taken on the small vessel over the salty waters of the Ghirbondan Strait to the port city of Ettenes.

Locked in the cramped quarters of the cabin in the hull of the ship (whose size could hardly be worthy of "ship" status), the boy who would come to be known as Aebben sat on the bed, knees pulled up to his chest. Tears wouldn't come any longer, and he shivered as the words played in his mind over and over, while the crash of waves against the ship lulled him into an almost hypnotic state.


"A trip? Where are we going?"

"To a city. A human city."

"How long will we stay, mum? Is it nice there?"

"I'm sure that you'll like it there. You're going to meet your father, you know. He'll show you how to be a man."

"But, how long will we stay…?"

"The ship will leave the morning after it arrives. It cannot afford to linger, not at an expensive port such as Ettenes."

"We'll only be there a day?"

"My young son… you had better pack your things. It will be a voyage much longer than just a day."


Every time something he did was wrong, his mother blamed his human blood. Every imperfection in his looks, every crude mannerism, and then even when his voice had begun to squeak and crack. It was all because of his cursed human blood. If not for that, then he could stay home. "Just as well to be driven out like a monster… maybe the other monsters will accept me."

Even years later, a certain something could blow in with the salty air at sea, and it would fill his lungs with that same smell, and the anger from years past, the bitterness that his mother's memories brought.
A boy would never forget.

Within two weeks of his arrival in Ettenes, the young lad was made to work the docks by his drunken fool of a father, and then shipped off with a crew of sailors. The crew of the ship was the closest thing to family the boy had as he grew into a man. Unable to pronounce the young man's Elven name, they just called him 'son of' in the local dialect. Aebben.

For twelve years he worked on the crew of that ship, the S.S. Nightfall, scraping, cleaning, scrubbing, lifting, hauling, tying… he did it all until his fingers bled, and then did it again the next day. There was no end to the onslaught put on his body, but at least he made enough money to support himself. The crew was cold and unforgiving, and even through the many years Aebben spent on the boat, they never warmed up to him, no matter how he tried.

None, except for Nikolai. Brought on the boat at about the same time as Aebben, Nikolai was a human just 3 years older, and always of the same rank. The two of them shared childhood fables, and swapped stories of port. Even pranks on the crew were not beneath them, and never once did either one of them rat out the other, not even with a week spent in the brig.

Nikolai and he would dream of the "big shipment" that would let them retire from the life of a sailor. They spoke of a thousand and one things that they would buy when their shipment came in, but ultimately for Aebben, it came down to a nice villa in the country near the woods. No matter how much time he spent at sea, he could never forget how the woods made him feel at home. Home. Il'ire'e. He couldn't go back there, not ever, he knew. But nevertheless, the woods were home.

The ballistas fired, and the men shouted. Buckets were hauled and the fires were quenched. The whole crew rejoiced as the pirates were fought back. The whole crew but Aebben, who crouched on deck, holding the body of Nikolai in his arms, an iron bolt blown clean through his chest. At next port, Aebben left the crew of the Nightfall, with only Nikolai's necklace, a bit of cord with a shark's tooth, to remember his brother-at-arms.

He sought a new life in Ettenes, with enough money saved up to last for at least a little while until he could find work, or better yet, adventure. He prayed for the winds of change to take him to somewhere that he could call home.

As luck might have it, the next day a courier arrived, claiming to have been seeking Aebben out for the past week, with an important letter from one Acada DuLak from a small island to the south… it was a letter that immediately brought tears to the young boy's eyes. "My father… my real father?' He had to know what kind of man his real father was, what a real man ought to have been. He thought back to the hapless drunk that he once was told was his father, and threw his head back laughing at fate, and the gods, his laughter echoing into the skies.

It was then that the salty winds blew through port and filled his senses.

Aebben smirked, hauling his pack up onto his shoulders, and set off for the next ship to Caseada.
A boy would never forget.



AC --, Touch --, flat footed --
hp 19
Fort +--, Ref +--, Will +--


Str 20, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 13, Chr 10
Base Attack -- CMB --; CMD--


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xx ....
Temp Character xx ....
Temp Character xx ....
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Experience - Using the FAST EXP Advancements Table p.30 Core Rulebook

On Time - Awarded for being on time to the game session and at table, ready to play.
Role Playing - Awarded for playing in character and emoting in 1st person. This bonus may be awarded for a single well acted scene or a general impression during the session.
In Character - Awarded for remaining in character for the majority of the session and not disrupting the mood.
Chronicler - Awarded for submitting a journal written in character of at least two paragraphs.
Author - Awarded for submitting a short story or fiction based in the Shadow Empyre universe.

Bonuses are cumulative

  Date Total/Players=EXP Bonus Awarded EXP Total Experience (Base 1,300)
Aug. 12, 2011 2,200/4=550

10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character

715 exp 2,015 exp
Harp Aug. 26, 2011 5,100/5=1,020 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
10% Chronicler
1,428 exp 3,749 exp
Harp Sept. 9, 2011 5,100/5=1,020 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,326 exp 5,075 exp
Harp Oct. 14, 2011 7,250/5=1,450 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,885 exp 6,960 exp
Harp Nov. 4, 2011        
Harp Nov. 18, 2011        
Harp Dec. 2, 2011        
Harp Dec. 16, 2011        
Harp Dec, 30, 2011