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Size: Small Port Town
Population: 2,500+
Trades: Wine, Grain, Fish, Wards, Plunder
Affiliation: Independent
Qualities: Strict Law Enforcement
Dangers: Furies, Sea Monsters
Languages: Imperial Common, Thessalyan, Nessian
Disadvantages: Limited farming land


Caseada began its existence as a hideout for pirates. At one time this village was ruled by Apoxus and was considered a part of Nessia. The town struggled for most of its existence. Unstable leadership and a transient population kept growth to a minimum. Nessian tax collectors eventually wrote off the community. Over time roots took hold and a stable community formed. Missionaries of Cuthbert from the mainland were instrumental in solidifying the community before they were ousted in a civil uprising.

Much of the difficulty the town had in supporting population growth revolved around the inability to farm the surrounding lands. Expansion and settlement of the surrounding jungles has met with stiff resistance from creatures known as furies. Descriptions of the creatures vary widely, but the common thread to the stories is their voracity. Currently markers at the edge of the town indicate where it is safe to travel. Furies have largely avoided the town, but recent magical wards have allowed those with the daring and financial means to explore the deeper jungles in relative safety from the furies.

People of Interest

Governor Remegius Pancost The elected ruler of Caseada, Remegius has ruled the costal village for the better part of twenty years.

Friar Benedicto A long time resident of Caseada, Benedicto is a devout follower of Cuthbert. His small parish is tolerated by the local government. Across town from his small stucco mission is a converted temple of Cuthbert. It is now owned and operated by the Byn Cabal.
Mandriamani Leader of the Byn Cabal, Apoth Mandriamani is rarely seen in public. Her presence in the village is felt every day. It is by her grace that the village is able to live in peace with the surrounding wilds. Her powerful wards keep the Furies at bay.
  Vespade Pancost In all but title Vesape is the marshal of Caseada. In general he is a good humored man, but when lawlessness calls for action he and his deputies respond with ruthless efficiency.
  Angelo "Angel" Mico A popular figure on the docs and taverns along the waterfront, Angel is a captain of the collection of boats that comprise the Caseadan Navy.
Nusurika Nusurika Gotward A child of the islands, Nursurika is of Nessian desent. As an initiate of the Byn Cabal she garners the respect and fear associated with that order.
Katra No stranger to violence, Katra is agressive and explosive. Of mixed parentage, she owes her strength and tenacity to her Orcish father and her good looks to her human mother.
Places of interest
1. Smuggler's Gulch
The long incline from the waters edge to the rocky hills above is a natural dry dock. The sandy incline is usually dotted with debris and seaweed. At high tide the water here crashes in creating a nasty rip tide.
  2. Careen Bay
The horseshoe shaped bay is deep enough to accommodate most deep water vessels. Its blue-green waters glisten. Near the opening of the horseshoe is the most treacherous point to navigate. Turgid waters toss small boats easily and even threaten to wreck larger vessels in bad weather. From outside the horseshoe the town of Caseada is nearly invisible. Thin columns of smoke hint at the nestled port town. The port authorities run an efficient operation with flag-men directing traffic.
  3. Governor's Palace
4. Byn Cabal Temple
The beautiful marble structure still resembles other temples of the church of Cuthbert. Few modifications have been visited on the structure aside from the addition of banners and statuary. Tall spires and a magnificent bell tower rise high over the town. A perpetual cloud of birds can be seen around the temple blurring the boundary between building and sky. The surrounding gardens would be the envy of any in the realm. The great doors to the belly of the temple stand open at all hours, but it is seldom any comes or goes through the great doors. Soldiers of the Governor’s guard are granted access for the healing of wounds in the service of the Governor. This is considered a great honor to those serviced. Those healed within never speak of their time within the temple.
5. Market
6. Docks
7. Golden Spire
Rising above the bluff that surrounds the town. The golden spire is so named for its amber hued granite. When the sun strikes the tower in the afternoon light it appears as gold as any ingot or coin. Lights can be seen from the many slatted windows in the evening and at night. Few are granted access to the tower. Locals will tell you that it was erected so that the furies may be safely studied from within the town. Others claim it is a great ward in itself. Keeping the people of Caseada free and safe from attack by the furies.
  8. North Gate
At the far northern point of town, just before entering the plateau, sits a guard house. This small structure has a blackboard mounted just inside the door. On the blackboard are the names of many people. Below the chalkboard is a wall of nails. On each nail is a small wooden tile. Several of the tiles will be missing during the day, but at night the board is usually full. One or two guards are present her during daylight hours.
9. Garrison
Known for its strong defenses and its dungeons. The garrison often plays host to ne'er-do-wells. Built as a permanent housing for the city guards, it is an imposing structure. The road to Smuggler's Gulch runs in front of the garrison. The narrow opening between the rocky cliffs and the garrison where the road runs is manned either on the road or watched from the tower at all hours. As the highest structure on the hill the garrison has a commanding view of the town and the approach from the gulch.
10. Fargut Plateau
Animals graze here alongside great rows of wheat and grape vines. There are no structures built upon the plateau, though old rock foundations are visible. The roads and paths are well traveled during the day, but no one inhabits the plateau after dark.

11. Ward Lands
It is well known by all in Caseada that to travel in the Ward Lands is a fools errand. For as long as there have been people on the island there have been stories of monsters and phantoms steeling away the unwary. Missionaries of Cuthbert sought to banish the tales as superstition and heresy. Their campaign only enflamed the furie rages. After the uprising against the imperial church, it was the Byn Cabal that attempted to find a peaceful coexistence. A young coven leader struck out into the wilds. Her boldness quieted the Furies and earned her great respect in the town.

A select few make a good living plundering the wilds. The Governor controls the numbers who enter the wilds with a system of licenses and tariffs. Successful entrepreneurs are content to pay. Unsuccessful adventurers do not return to complain. Adventurer’s stories vary widely regarding the creatures known as furies. Most have the exaggeration of fish tales, either meant to aggrandize their actions or scare off prospective competition. Children’s stories told in the village to keep the children from danger seem to be most accurate. None who enter those lands do so without the protections from the Byn Cabal. It is said that an outpost exists deep in the Ward Lands from which many an adventurer has sought safe haven.

12. Two Shekles Tavern
A local favorite, famous for its menu and the eccentric owner. They serve a steady stream of visitors and local. The favored drink is an ale dark in color and heady. Most ask for a pint of smoky, an homage to the cloudy beverage.
13. Cuthbert Mission and Orphanage
The mission is one of the oldest structures in west Caseada. One of the few remaining outpost of St. Cuthbert, it is a modest structure. Children can be heard playing in the inner courtyard during the day. The majority of the structure appears to be dedicated to housing children.
  14. The Red Duchess
Named for a woman of nobility that killed her husband and booked passage on a ship to escape the law. She and her fortune fount its way to these shore where she built a first rate inn. She has been dead for years, but the inn bearing her namesake is still the coveted retreat of travelers with enough coin to travel in comfort.
15. 99 Via Stadera
The former residense of the famous bard Acada DuLak.
16. Fearsome Kraken Tavern
One of the calmer taverns on the second tier of Coral Street. The Fearsome Kraken is a favorite of fishermen and sailors. The atmosphere is smoky and the smell of ale and spirits saturate the oily wooden table and bar. The owner, a salty old codger, is talkative with locals and mistrustful of strangers.
17. Aria Trattoria
A favored hangout for locals and music lovers. The Aria is famous for the talent that frequents its hall more than the food. The recipes are traditional and the portions are large. Carafes of wine at every table keep the conversations jovial and boisterous. A favorite dining establishment of the late Acada DuLak, a bard of renown. This cozy dining hall never lacks for personality story or music.