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Size: Large Port City
Population: 150,000
Trades: Wine, olives, wheat, fishing, goats, pearls, rugs & tapestries
Qualities: Beautiful costal regions, white sand beaches
Dangers: Pirates
Languages: Thessalyan, Imperial Common
Disadvantages: Constant War with Nessia


A sprawling city of marble temples, grand homes and places of learning, with cool ocean breezes, tiled streets lined with palms, and magnificent fountains. The city is beautiful and clean (although it has its poor, downtrodden sections) and boasts one of the greatest ports in the Eastern World. In general, even the peasant class is prosperous, but to truly rise in the culture, one must be of the warrior class. Hadria is home to the King and most Thessalyan nobles, has a rich and educated culture, and is a main trading port for the civilized world.

A hereditary male monarchy, with the King as supreme ruler, and commander of all military and naval forces. He is aided and advised by nobles, seers and oracles, but holds the final word. All Thessalyan Kings are expected to be impressive warriors, and to personally lead their forces. When the King is away at war, his Queen (selected for her intelligence and trained to govern) stands in his place.

A heroic warrior and wise statesman, King Venopolis is committed to keeping Thessalya safe from Nessia evil, taking the fight to them whenever possible. Strong-willed and stubborn, he has no tolerance for those who subscribe to a “peace through appeasement” philosophy.
In Their Own Words…. “I have neither the time nor inclination to listen to the opinions of one who sleeps under the very blanket of security which I provide, then questions the way in which I provide it.”
The people of Hadria (and all of Thessalya) worship the Greek pantheon of deities, and the high priests of each faith enjoy considerable power. Chief among them is the High Priest of Zeus. Christians are welcome, even their missionaries, but they have little success in converting the population.

GREAT LIBRARY of HADRIA: Housed in a pillared, temple-like structure, the great library (founded long ago by King Fannam “The Dwarf”) is arguably the most comprehensive collection of the written word in existence. It is a source of pilgrimage for scholars from around the world.

  GARDENS of ZINNIA: Multi-leveled, impossibly lush gardens, waterfalls and cool pools within a white marble wall. Exotic birds and butterflies call it home. Open to the public, it is a favored retreat for commoner and noble alike.
  TEMPLE of ZEUS: Situated on the highest point of Hadria, this majestic pillared temple (and the gold and marble statue within) watches over the approaching seas and the faithful of Hadria.
  Admiral Archides: This fearsome naval warrior relishes wreaking havoc on Nessian ships and coastlines alike, taking whatever plunder he can find, and executing captured Nessian pirates in public displays full of grand ceremony. A bit of a tyrant, he is unchallenged in his command and if not entirely loved, certainly respected.
In Their Own Words… “On the ocean, in terms of authority, there is Poseidon, then me. And I don’t see the God of the Seas onboard, do you? Now row, or you’ll taste the lash!”
  Pappas of Cypriot: The High Priest of Zeus, this man enjoys nearly as much power as the King, but is wise enough to know his place. His personal wealth is untold, and he lives in great luxury. The merchant class caters to him, knowing that Zeus’s blessing is required for a successful business.
In Their Own Words…
“Do you dare doubt the infinite power of Zeus? Careful, stranger, for I have seen his Holy wrath, lightning rained down upon evil unbelievers while his priests stroll untouched through opposing armies. You would do well to seek his blessing if you are to spend time in these lands. And make a generous offering, of course.”
  Pyrias: Thessalya’s most prominent living hero, a champion of countless battles, slayer of the dreaded ‘Acroplian Hydra,’ sailor, explorer and plunderer. He is said to be the child of a mortal and a god.
In Their Own Words…
“Touched by the Gods, unbeatable in combat, destined for immortality… my life’s course is clear. Swear allegiance to me, swordsman, and I’ll make you a part of legend.”