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Temp Character Name:
Iason Veyron
Fighter 3

What Others Notice

Iason dresses in layers of rough cloth over a finely crafted brest plate. His olive skin and dark eyes render him a child of the middlle-islands. Too dark to be from the north. Too light to have come from Nessia. His language and manner of speaking suggest that he is educated by holy men of Cuthbert, but his dress and manner suggest otherwise. A long curved blade worn over his back shows signs of lengthy drill and practice. The keen edge shows signs of care and respect for an uncommon blade.


An orphan of the violence during the early days of Casesda's rebellion against the Empire of Florenta and the Holy Church of Cuthbert.


Iason Veyron
Fighter 2

AC --, Touch --, flat footed --
hp 22
Fort +--, Ref +--, Will +--


Str 18, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 12, Chr 17
Base Attack -- CMB --; CMD--


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Temp Character Friar Benedicto ...As a father of sorts to the young Iason, Friar Benedicto has shared his wisdom and piety with generations of displaced and orphaned children. Iason is no exception. Though it has been many years since Iason was a student in the mission, a bond remains none-the -less.
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Experience - Using the FAST EXP Advancements Table p.30 Core Rulebook

On Time - Awarded for being on time to the game session and at table, ready to play.
Role Playing - Awarded for playing in character and emoting in 1st person. This bonus may be awarded for a single well acted scene or a general impression during the session.
In Character - Awarded for remaining in character for the majority of the session and not disrupting the mood.
Chronicler - Awarded for submitting a journal written in character of at least two paragraphs.
Author - Awarded for submitting a short story or fiction based in the Shadow Empyre universe.

Bonuses are cumulative

  Date Total/Players=EXP Bonus Awarded EXP Total Experience (Base 1,300)
Aug. 12, 2011 2,200/4=550

10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character

715 exp 2,015 exp
Harp Aug. 26, 2011 5,100/5=1,020

10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character

1,326 exp 3,341 exp
Harp Sept. 9, 2011 5,100/5=1,020 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,326 exp 4,667 exp
Harp Oct. 14, 2011 7,250/5=1,450 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,885 exp 6,552 exp
Harp Nov. 4, 2011        
Harp Nov. 18, 2011        
Harp Dec. 2, 2011        
Harp Dec. 16, 2011        
Harp Dec, 30, 2011