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Summoner 3


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Keppel is a mix from the light skinned Acada and his dark skinned mother, Araenna. He’s only slightly fairer, but it’s a recognizable trait with two staunchly separate societies. Children like Keppel are appearing more and more often, but the most controversial part is that Keppel has dark green eyes. Somewhere in his history, the Capella family had another indiscretion that introduced Empire blood into their family history. It has been a well kept secret to this point known only to a few of the members of the Capella family.
Keppel was born and raised in the Thessalya countryside. Living with his mother and the occasional visiting relatives among the farm fields, trees and a smattering of ancient ruins from long since fallen empires. His has lived a largely asocial lifestyle, by environment and not by choice. His isolation from others--besides his sometime hostile relatives--has been almost nil.
He’s learned to take care of himself in that way by having a hyperactive imagination. After his chores were done, he would often disappear in the evenings to visit old ruins. His mother was in a dark place during most of this time, so she wasn’t entirely aware of the adventures that Keppel was having. During this time, Keppel found and engaged “Ghost”, a cross planar being looking to bond itself to the concept of time. After clamoring through the ruins and getting stuck in a precarious position, Ghost helped Keppel find his way out. The dialog then bonded them when Keppel coined the name “Ghost” since he thought he was a spirit of the ruins.
From that time on, Ghost has followed Keppel through life being both a blessing and a curse. Keppel has mixed feelings about the bonding and wonders if he’s really up for an emotionless and somewhat invasive presence in his life. However, it’s company he’s never had and has been an invaluable study companion. When he came home late that night, covered head to toe in dirt, his mom was deeply afraid and found out a bit more of what Keppel had been doing. She knew she had to change things and set about a plan to get them out of this situation. It was 3 years later that they moved back to Hadrias. Keppel was between 10 and 11 when this occurred.
He’s spent the last 6 years in “The Tower” at it’s various states. He doesn’t know it, but he’s been called “the ghost boy of the tower” because he’s often seen near the windows, but no one ever sees him leave. The servants and help know who he is, but rarely interact with him. His mother doesn’t like mixing work with family, since her business, which he pretty much knows about, is not exactly family material. Even though it is an unspoken thing, it’s something that Araenna and him both recognize and coincidentally, refuse to verbally acknowledge.
He has had a few tutors and teachers that came in house to found Keppel’s studies, but after learning up to their level and finding that they could provide nothing more, plus the uncanny connection with Ghost, helping him review and recite material without any real effort, Keppel waved them off at a few months into his thirteen year and began study on his own. He’s well researched in political, magical, and general knowledge because of the books that he would consume on a regular basis. Ghost could recall any book that was in his library and remind him, giving him the outward appearance of a photographic memory.
He would go through months of simply staring out the window at the Dusk Quarter at all hours, both day and night. His mother was busy and his life revolved around her in an unfortunate way. He grew ornery and spiteful. He knew of his mother’s story, she had told him many times of Acada and how he inspired her to become something better. Unfortunately, his mother was terrified that he’d be somehow damaged by the outside world. She wanted to save him from that pain and give him everything he ever wanted. She continually wanted to do better for him and try to prepare him for the outside, but didn’t really know how. So she hid him away with the hope that a time would come when she could allow him out.
He’s concluded that he will remain stuck indefinitely unless he does something to force the issue. She readily brought down the hammer when he approached even such talk. And since, he didn’t have the same fortunate encounter as his mother because she herself kept him as a prisoner in a well equipped mansion.
Since, the Capella family wouldn’t allow Araenna to give Keppel their name, Keppel’s official name was “Keppel of the Isles”, a term reserved for fatherless children. He still has Keppel Capstone as his surname, but as he became more aware of his history, he coined the title Keppel the Bastard, as he has been feeling increasingly abandoned and isolated.
In his time staring out of his lofty position, he’s watched people interact, quietly reading their expressions, gestures and subtleties. He’s fantasized about meeting people on the streets, talking with them and the dialog that would ensue. He’s seen beautiful high-society women moving through the streets--sometimes in pairs, sometimes in a gaggle--making their way through the slightly unsafe streets of the Dusk Quarter in broad daylight. Their tittering, fear and perspiration readily apparent as they gawked at the noteworthy Tower and then glanced down the darkened alleyways that converged there then quickly moved on.
He’s seen the darker side when the sun sets and shadows grow long. Though not often at the immediate streets around The Tower, which, he was sure, had a certain treaty with the street that his mother had never spoken of. However, he had heard and seen men robbed, stabbed and left to die or found dead the next morning. This happened rarely, but it made Keppel want to stand watch and call out any time something bad happened even if he was strictly forbidden to draw attention to himself.
He’d grown hardened to this over time, knowing that those being mugged had sometimes been on the other side of the beatstick that had taken them down. It seemed that time was part of a circle of fate closing in on itself. It was a valuable lesson he learned, but how it was measured? He had not done anything both fatefully good or bad, which left him wondering what impact his life had even had at this point.
It was also at this time that he became more and more aware of the outside political situations that had been boiling for years before now. This greater world he could never reach interested him. He began to study the language of the enemy: Nessian. He also looked at whatever historical information had culminated between them as well as what could be considered anthropological information dictating their ferocious natures. He was both terrified and intrigued by the enemy, but had not being given a face to view the enemy by. By the way they were written, he expected them to look monstrous.
There were times that he had sent Ghost down to listen in on people and convey the information from a distance. He learned more about Ghost’s nature during this time, as Ghost always sounded close, but at a distance, his voice would appear thin and unsustainable. He didn’t know what would happen if Ghost moved too far away. He was terrified that he would lose him, even with his mixed feelings about their relationship.
Ghost and Keppel often had question and answer sessions where Keppel began to understand more and more about where Ghost came from without any solid connection to the plane that he came from. All of this conversation sparked interest in the mystical arts that dealt with extra-planar beings. It was then that he happened upon information about the Summoners. They were a largely secret society that had only come about recently. On her outings, he had his mother cast about for books about mysticism and specifically the Summoners.
He consumed as much as he could in a very short amount of time. There just wasn’t that much of their knowledge available to him because of the new nature of the mystical art. This was the one thing that seemed to be keeping him sane, the one thing he was really excited about. This is when he decided it would be best if he found his own way. He was afraid of what his mother would do to him if she found out, as she has been voracious about maintaining his homebound state.
Keppel had decided that it was time for the bastard to grow up.



Summoner 2

AC --, Touch --, flat footed --
hp --
Fort +--, Ref +--, Will +--


Str --, Dex --, Con --, Int --, Wis --, Chr --
Base Attack -- CMB --; CMD--


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Experience - Using the FAST EXP Advancements Table p.30 Core Rulebook

On Time - Awarded for being on time to the game session and at table, ready to play.
Role Playing - Awarded for playing in character and emoting in 1st person. This bonus may be awarded for a single well acted scene or a general impression during the session.
In Character - Awarded for remaining in character for the majority of the session and not disrupting the mood.
Chronicler - Awarded for submitting a journal written in character of at least two paragraphs.
Author - Awarded for submitting a short story or fiction based in the Shadow Empyre universe.

Bonuses are cumulative

  Date Total/Players=EXP Bonus Awarded EXP Total Experience (Base 1,300)
Aug. 12, 2011 2,200/4=550

10% Role Playing
10% In Character
10% Fiction Submission

715 exp 2,015 exp
Harp Aug. 26, 2011 5,100/5=1,020

10% Role Playing
10% In Character
10% Chronicler

1,326 exp 3,341 exp
Harp Sept. 9, 2011 5,100/5=1,020   1,020 exp 4,361 exp
Harp Oct. 14, 2011 7,250/5=1,450 10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,740 exp 6,160 exp
Harp Nov. 4, 2011        
Harp Nov. 18, 2011        
Harp Dec. 2, 2011        
Harp Dec. 16, 2011        
Harp Dec, 30, 2011