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Size: Village
Population: 2,000+
Trades: Copper, Silver, Marble, Granite
Qualities: Fertile hills,
Dangers: Trolls, creatures from the mines,
Languages: Imperial Common


Fondly referred-to simply as Mole, this small city is devoted to copper and silver mining, and quarrying of Pyraen marble and granite. Located in the hills of the Pyr Range.
It is also home to the Archon Monastery. This retreat serves as a bastion of defense for the people of Mole’, a place of worship, a center of instruction for priests and friars, and a school for Monks. Archon monks follow St. Cuthbert, but they are not holy men or priests (though they can be.) Whether they use their martial skills to serve Cuthbert is up to them. Those who do are respected and welcomed by the Church and its emissaries. Some monks start out as devout followers of Cuthbert, but once they are out in the world they fall away from the faith and pursue their own way in life. These are referred to as “Fallen Monks” by the rest of the faithful, and are viewed with a mixture of pity and disregard.