| Campaigns | In The Company of Witches | Nessia (Formerly Capricia)
  • Overview
Size: 160 Miles long
Population: Primarily of the poor, peasant class. Heavy slave population.
Trades: marble, vineyards, olive groves, wheat, goats, fishing & pearls
Qualities: Mountainous, treacherous reefs. Weather: Prone to storms. Rocky soil makes agriculture difficult, but has dense hardwood forests
Dangers: Outsiders, Unknown
Disadvantages: Unknown


This island was once called “Capricia, the Eastern Jewel of the Imperium.” It was known then (and still is) for its wonderous & varied marble. In fact the Emperor’s castle in Astoria, the Basilica, the finest homes of the nobles, scholar and merchant classes, as well as Imperial universities, boast Caprician marble. It was also the first island nation to slip from the Empire in the early 1,100’s.

Capricia fell into the worship of old, dark gods…chaos and bloodshed reigned, and evil quickly thrived. Out of the madness arose two brothers – Apoxus & Abraxus - powerful sorcerors who took control. The island was renamed Nessia, its two main cities named after the brothers. Those same two darkmages still rule today, and there are whispers that the brothers are immortal…or worse. Nessia is an evil realm which launches seaborne attacks on Thessalya, Thippus, Imperial trade ships, the Imperial mainland and even on the Llohna coastline. They have no trade, relying on piracy (all that fine marble going to waste!) They are especially known for their “Darkmages,” evil sorcerers, madmen, who trade their souls for arcane power, and become a plague upon the civilized world.Slavery is commonplace, and everyday life is said to be brutal and short, with conditions for most people little better than the slaves they own. All manner of foul monsters prowl the island, and instead of wolves, Nessia is plagued with an overpopulation of Hell Hounds.