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Nusurika Gotward
Innitiate of the Byn Cabal

What Others Notice

She is usually cloaked and hooded when she ventures outside the temple. Her youth, recently behind her, she is a startlingly beautiful woman. She carries herself gracefully and is courteous in her dealings with merchants and the poor. An aura of nobility surrounds her. Timid and withdrawn for the most part, Nusurika remains an enigma.


As a member of the Byn Cabal she is respected/feared by most citizens. Those that have interacted with he know her to be soft spoken and cordial in her interactions. Her nature is calming in contrast to her fair looks, that often gain her more attention than she desires. Contemplative in her discussions, preferring to allow uncomfortable silence to linger rather than speak rashly or act before she has considered the repercussions.


Events are changing so quickly. News of Acada's death have created a mixed reaction in town. Though many mourn his loss, an almost festive atmosphere is building in anticipation of the funeral. I can't help but wonder at how Friar Benedicto is taking the news. He and Acada were like father and son. Perhaps a gift will pick up his spirits. I know just the thing...