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Sovereighty of Thessalya
Size: 120 Miles long
Population: 4,000+
Trades: vineyards, olive groves, wheat, goats, fishing & pearls
Qualities: Rocky & mountainous, fine beaches, warm waters
Weather: Warm temperate. Fertile beauty, palms, rich agriculture
Dangers: Pirates
Disadvantages: Constant state of war with Nessia, Frequent tropical storms


This Greek-style nation is a powerful player in this part of the world, with a large, skilled maritime and military navy, and professional foot troops who use organized war tactics such as squares and walls of shields & pikes. Thessalya has a long history of naval and military conquest, as ancient Kings frequently raided into the mysterious lands to the east, bringing back spoils of war, and warriors are honored among the highest stations in the land. A state of war has existed with Nessia for centuries. Thessalya has allied itself with Thippus (its sister-state) and more recently, with Viletta. They trade not only among their Alliance partners, but with the Florentian Empire and Castille as well. It is a prosperous land with deeply-rooted traditions..