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Temp Character Name:
Vandrose Belamonte
Inquisitor 3

What Others Notice



Originally from Vilettta, born the bastard son of an Elven man who once ran a trade route into the city years ago, and a human woman who fell prey to his charms one night.
Without a husband to father the child, she hid the pregnancy, and left her infant son at the doorsteps to St. Stephens, in hopes that they would raise him.

Adopted son to a man of the cloth, Father Adrian Belamonte, Vandrose was raised a Christian for many years until, tragically, Father Belamonte was slain under mysterious circumstances. Vandrose found the good Father’s body one rainy night, mauled to death. Father Belamonte was not a man of much wealth, but all that he had was bequeathed to his adopted son, having never had children of his own.
The murder was written off as a tragic accident, but Vandrose had seen those kinds of wounds before.

Having seen many scars from the local miners who would come to the church for protective blessing, Vandrose knew that some horrid creature came to claim his adopted father. Losing the only family he had, and falling into obsession, Vandrose began to research these things that came from the depths. He would raid libraries, speak with sages, and drown bards in coin and drink. Anyone with news or information about these things, he paid to learn more.

There was one, Acada DuLak who particularly indulged him, encouraging the youth’s fiery spirit. For a few months time the bard remained in Viletta, educating the young lad about the world, providing quite the stark contrast to the world than the views given to him at St. Stephens. There was hardly a subject that DuLak did not attempt to educate the boy on, making the young lad a budding dilettante in matters of the world.

He also talked of the islands to the south, and the evil grip that the two brothers held over the cities that bore their namesake. The legions of demons, devils, undead, and heathen cultists were all commonplace in those areas, and the people there had no one on the side of the good or righteous to defend them.

Vandrose, the pain of loss weighing heavy on his heart, tempered by the hotly burning vengeance in his chest, knew that he had to take up a very dark mantle. If no one dared stand up to the evils that lurk in the shadows, or root out the corrupt and vile practitioners of black magicks, then he alone would bear the burden. Not because he had to, and certainly not because it was wise.
He took upon this burden because it was right.

St. Cuthbert’s teachings would always be important, but in order to root out and destroy these vile creatures, Vandrose knew he would need to go to drastic, and perhaps sometimes despicable lengths. He would have to study the enemy, think like the enemy, even live as the enemy lived. He would have to lie, steal, coerce, and even kill.
His enemies, he knew, had powerful allies in the most unlikely of places, even high within the church of St. Cuthbert as well as the churches of many other faiths.

On the day that Acada and he parted ways, Vandrose wept, despite knowing that their parting was for the best. This was a journey he alone would have to undertake, a life of horror and bleakness, whereas the life of the free-spirited bard deserved to be colorful and joyous. It was because of men like Acada that Vandrose undertook his vigil. It was worth one man’s life steeped in darkness, if it meant that so many others like his friend could live in the light.

For nearly 2 years he continued his study and pursuit of knowledge. Nothing he learned, however, would prepare him for the day that the letter came to him, nor the events that would transpire afterward…


Vandrose Belamone
Inquisitor 3

AC 20, Touch 13, flat footed 17
hp 17
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +7

Repeating Heavy Crossbow
Attack+5 Crit 19-20x2 Damage 1d10

Attack +2 Crit 20x2 Damage 1d8

Attack +2 Crit 20x2 Damage 1d6

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 20, Cha 10
BAB +2, CMD 15, CMB 2
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +7

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Repeating Crossbow)
Bonus Teamwork Feat: Shield Wall (this feat can change)
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Stealth)

Low Light vision
Keen Senses

Judgement 1/day
Monster Lore (+5)
Stern Gaze (+1)
Cunning Initiative (+5)
Detect Alignment
Track (+1)
Spell Use (Inquisitor)
Inquisition: Conversion
Solo Tactics

Spells Known:

Detect Magic
Create Water

Cure Light Wounds
Expeditious Retreat
Shield of Faith


Masterwork Buckler Shield
Masterwork Breastplate
Heavy Repeating Crossbow (with 41 Bolts currently)
Silver Holy Symbol (around his neck)
Scholar's Outfit
Explorer's Outfit
2 weeks rations (minus 3 days currently)
Caseadan Outfit (10G cost)

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Experience - Using the FAST EXP Advancements Table p.30 Core Rulebook

On Time - Awarded for being on time to the game session and at table, ready to play.
Role Playing - Awarded for playing in character and emoting in 1st person. This bonus may be awarded for a single well acted scene or a general impression during the session.
In Character - Awarded for remaining in character for the majority of the session and not disrupting the mood.
Chronicler - Awarded for submitting a journal written in character of at least two paragraphs.
Author - Awarded for submitting a short story or fiction based in the Shadow Empyre universe.

Bonuses are cumulative

  Date Total/Players=EXP Bonus Awarded EXP Total Experience (Base 1,300)
Aug. 12, 2011 2,200/4=550

10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character

715 exp 2,015 exp
Harp Aug. 26, 2011 5,100/5=1,020

10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
10% Chronicler

1,428 exp 3,443 exp
Harp Sept. 9, 2011 5,100/5=1,020 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,326 exp 4,769 exp
Harp Oct. 14, 2011 7,250/5=1,450 10% On Time
10% Role Playing
10% In Character
1,885 exp 6,654 exp
Harp Nov. 4, 2011        
Harp Nov. 18, 2011        
Harp Dec. 2, 2011        
Harp Dec. 16, 2011        
Harp Dec, 30, 2011