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(PE denotes pre-Imperial calendar. IC marks the years of the Imperial calendar.)
(Scholars, mages & clerics should know most if not all of the information contained herein.) In the campaign, anything called 'OLD WORLD' refers to people, places or things from before the start of the Imperial calendar.

PE 3,500 First known record of the Elven forest kingdom of Llhona, ruled by a Parliament of Shade and the Everqueen.

PE 2,450 First record of Dwarves in the mountains, and of a Dwarven kingdom called Delmharven. Humankind is scattered & primitive, religion is purely pagan.

PE 1,500-1,000 Humans begin banding together in tribal communities ruled by warlords. Famine, disease and war keeps their population low. The first records of pagan, tribal communities appear on the islands which will later be known as Thippus, Thessalya, Capricia, Pela and Tenedor around PE 1,200.

PE 1,000 - 0 "The Time of Kings." Over the course of the millennium, the known lands slowly transform from tribal lifestyles into more "civilized" feudal communities and territories, ruled by kings (created through war or heredity, some little more than new versions of old-world warlords.) From the 800's forward, the growing influence of The Church starts to take hold and helps to shape these kingdoms.

PE 960 The generally accepted birth year of Cuthbert in the village of Coregg (the future Hax.)



PE 930 Cuthbert begins his ministry (see supplement on The Story of the Church for details.) He is followed by a select group of disciples, and over the next ten years his influence and words spread rapidly throughout the known world.

PE 920 Cuthbert is martyred by crucifixion in the fishing village of Florenta, by Pagans and a Druidic high priest. His disciples carry his body to Coregg where it is entombed. Cuthbert is immediately "Sainted" by his disciples. This is generally considered the birth year of The Church as it is known today.

PE 921-600 The faith of St. Cuthbert spreads across all the known lands, and soon becomes the dominant religion, pushing Pagans into the background.

PE 611 Rosalyn (a future, primary saint) is born in Madrigal.

PE 601 Silas I, the first Cardinal of Saint Cuthbert, is ordained in Florenta. The position of Cardinal replaces previous positions of Disciples as a centralized, mortal head of the Church and the earthly representative of Cuthbert. In PE 598, Silas I officially declares Coregg to be the Holy City, and renames it Hax. The Church as an organization remains in Florenta. Hax becomes the destination of pilgrimages for eons to come.

PE 597 Claiming holy visions, Rosalyn begins her work in Cuthbert's name, spreading his word. In PE 576 she founds San Marin, a mountain chapel on the north side of the Alps, and begins bringing the word of Cuthbert to the primitive Goblin cultures. She is martyred by Goblins in PE 561 at Gristmil by the Blood Hand clan. Her remains are heroically rescued by Monks of the Opus Dei order, and she is entombed at San Marin.

PE 559 Cardinal Equious II is ordained. An architect before receiving his calling to the faith, he designs and orders the construction of the Holy Basilica in Florenta

PE 525 The Monks of Opus Dei begin construction of a mighty mountain Abbey at the site of San Marin.