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This mistreatment on top of everything that had happened in the last week had left Corman wallowing in self-pity, which he knew was unsightly. It brought him to a place that allowed his anger to get the best of him. He felt murderous intent toward his brother and he wanted everyone to know it.

The Mastiff family had gathered and waited, some dully, some eagerly for their father to start the meal, as was traditional. Beolnyr looked as though he was many miles away. A polite cough from Heidlyn brought him back to the present. He called to one of the servants and told them to begin bringing the meal out.

Beolnyr coughed into his hand politely readying to talk. He was never one for speechcraft and words, his points were made in strategy and resource management. His path to power was from his father, too, but during slim times where the Vorseman way was threatened and an action oriented heavy hand and a keen eye toward conservation was needed, not diplomacy and inspirational speeches. He was a great horseman and a great leader, but his ways were never paved through words.

"I have matters to discuss with the family." His voice was gruff with fringed with an edge of sadness. He moved on, "The Druid Mother has had a vision of our family," then with a slight pause and a awkward crack in his voice, "of me specifically."

From a scroll container he pulled a rough parchment made of pounded straw. He looked up as his family, looked each one in the face and seemed to memorize what he saw before continuing. His eyes shimmered slightly as he started to read the Mother Druid's words, A great hunger will consume the leaders of the Westvahl and ill omens will be said as each of the chieftain's lay sickly and dying. Every chieftain must have his house in order or the Vorseman will be scattered like wild horses without a leader." He paused and wet his lips, then continued with greater bravado. There is a darkness that comes to the land from East and South-east. It will consume this land in your lifetime - if it is allowed. From the conflict, greatness will stir within the ranks of the Vorseman. They will be joined by those from the West and the South to push the darkness back. The strength lies in the clan's leading families. If one link in the chain of settlements break, then the all of the Westvahl will be doomed."


We. We are that family. We are the ones who will keep the Clan Mastiff together during these hard times. If," he shuddered with the breath, If it is to be that I cannot hold my station, it falls to the family to bring up this burden. And we will be more than prepared to meet the task. We are Mastiff's and strength and greatness lies within us. This writing is being sent to all of the clan leaders so that we can prepare for the coming darkness, but it was the Mother Druid's words that touched here first. The Mastiff clan must not fail. We will not fail."

The faces around the table were a mixture for stunned and blank. Beolnyr had never spoken like this before and the finality of it was much more unsettling than the words themselves. It was soon after this speech that servants began filling out the table with the makings for a fantastic meal. Everyone stirred, but never touched their plates. The words of the Mother Druid were the only meal had that night and everything else was a whisper.


His father was usually solid as stone. And yet, he was shaken and drawn with the details of Mother Druid's missive. It seemed that the Druid witches had taken the legs out from under him. Corman was unsettled. At the table that night, everyone remained silent and quietly excused themselves after sitting in front of their plates long enough. As days passed, though, the other members of the family gave less credence to the words of the Mother Druid.
The importance that his father had put on it made Corman rethink his position. He was not one to take the Mother Druid's words lightly and to put on such a display had unnerved him greatly. It was no doubt that father took it seriously and he felt he should, too. He thought back on the events leading to this point.

It was just a week ago that he and Redgurn went on a trip with their father to catch wild horses on the plains. That first night camping under the stars he began to talk about how things would be after he passed on: