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Calais Hellebore
  Casper Lovato
  Celeste Rahmel
  Corman Mastiff
  Enzo Vittorio
Dragon Shaman



The quest for Saint Rose was formed in The Chalice in March 1428. The original members set out from the chalice under the leadership of Celelste Rahmel. The former paladin was to conduct the fellowship on a path behind enemy lines. Her crestfallen status was evaluated by the arch diocese and it was concluded that for her to regain her favor she must undertake the quest.

Former Sergeant Enzo Vittorio was released from a six month prison sentence and offered the opportunity to to reclaim his lost honor too. His value as a leader and prowess as a fighter would be a valuable contribution to the quest.

Adventuring into the wilderness of The Grimme is no small task. The Grimme would be mobilizing against the 5th crusade and would prove formidable. Two rangers were selected to convey the party safely through enemy lands. Senior ranger Calais Hellebore was assigned primary responsibility to guide the quest. His tested steady council and action under fire during the 14 day war were testimony to his value to the quest. Junior ranger Silverhawk of Angel's Reach would offer her skills in a supporting role.

The Church appointed Sullivan of Cae'ragh to oversee the health and spiritual welfare of the party. His experienced fighting nature coupled with his healing hand would stay the reaper on this quest.

From the Consortium was donated the talents of Casper Lovato. He would receive his call to join the party after their departure due to an unexpected change of assignment from their former wizard.

Celeste insisted on the inclusion of Mouse, the self appointed quartermaster of Trinity Company as an essential ingredient to the success of the mission.

Arriving belatedly to the group are the talents of Corman Mastiff of the Westvahl. His healing touch and fighting skills were a worthy addition.