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Hero, Calais Hellebore


Lord Calais Hellebore,
Imperial Marshal, Order of the Iron Drake, Knight of the Claymore, Order of the Holy Chalice, Golden Spurs recipient, Imperial Bell recipient.

Great grandfather served the Sartosa family at The Chalice. He was awarded the Iron Drake by Duke Eldred and given land and title under Baron Sartosa.

Family holding is in Southern Astoria. Historically woodsmen of great standing, the Hellebores have served house Sartosa as marshals of the woodland holdings.

The Hellebores are admirers of Elven culture, art, and history. They speak sylvan, and have visited the Elven lands. From time to time, sons and daughters of both races have been exchanged, each hosting the other in order to learn more of their differing cultures.

Calais is something of a reluctant leader. His natural aptitude for the position is not enough prompt him into the position. It is an entirely different matter when threats arise that seeks to harm him or his companions. This side of Calais is what draws his companions to rely on his judgment and leadership. Few who have raised Calais ire, or threatened his convictions are alive to speak of it. A quiet and contemplative man given to bouts of self-doubt, Calais has earned many accolades that would quiet such rumblings in others.

His humble upbringing has caused him to shy away from his noble roots of three generations. Proud of his heritage, he endeavors to make his family proud, but mostly he is a man of duty and honor for its own sake and no higher cause. His magnetic personality has afforded him several admirers of the female persuasion, but his military obligations and harried lifestyle have not afforded him time to pursue any deep relationships.

Life on the edge of the empire and the rim of destruction has hardened him into a tool as sharp as any in the shed.