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Lady Celeste Rahmel,
Madrigala, Knight of the Mithril Cross, Order of the Holy Chalice, Order of The Sacred Light.

The City-State of Viletta (nominally under control of the Thippus & Thessalya Alliance, sometimes under Nessian Occupation) has contributed a reinforced company (300 strong) of pikemen to the defense of The Chalice Pass. Since Viletta is no longer part of the Empire, they nonetheless wish to maintain friendly relations, and gain organized combat experience for their troops to better prepare them to resist Nessia.

This unit is 18 months into a two-year enlistment, and will return home in 6 months without fail.
Commanding the Viletta 3rd Pike is Lady Celeste Rahmel, a twenty-one year old female Paladin. The daughter of a Deadmines engineer, she is a commoner who was knighted by The Church in Viletta specifically for the purpose of leading the 3rd Pike. The powers that be in Viletta hope she will return to her homeland a veteran soldier, so she may assist in leading the City-State's defense. Lady Celeste has other plans.

Attached to Boscobel's 3rd Battalion, Celeste is often left to learn things by herself; Boscobel is slugging it out on foot with the troops, Calaveras is a prideful fool interested only in personal glory (and in deflowering Celeste), and Sir Eric Venns is a dark and surly knight with nothing but open contempt for the girl. She really has no one she talks to.

Lady Celeste is a pious and pure girl, kind, charitable, merciful and good in every way, absolutely faithful to her church and her cause. Although well-suited for service and command at The Chalice, her calling is for the greater good, and service to Cuthbert.

The young knight regularly communes with a female entity of peace and light who identifies herself as St. Catherine. In fact St. Catherine has spoken with the girl this way since she was 12, and is Celeste's patron saint.