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Hero, Enzo Vittorio


Enzo Vittorio,
Sergeant Major of Trinity Company, Order of the Holy Chalice, Imperial Bell recipient.

Hailing from the remote town of Angel's reach, Enzo is a confident follower of an esoteric cult. Fueled by a desire for challenge he volunteered for service in the Pass wars. Departing from Eldred's Cross assigned to Sgt. Cole and "D" company. He quickly fell in with his compatriots on the ten-day journey to The Chalice. One in theatre Enzo distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier and was soon promoted. During the 14 days of war battle Enzo's exploits earned him the attention of the commanders. Awarded the rank of Sergeant he found himself leading Trinity Company.

The promising military career took a sharp turn when the Monsignor discovered Enzo had engaged in a tryst with the commander of the Villetta 3rd pike. Her previous status as a Paladin was compromised by the encounter and the two of them were sentenced to six months in solitary.

Enzo emerged from the incarceration to an honor guard of his men. Enzo was a changed man. Embracing the forced sheering of his locks he would continue to shave his head as a reminder of what he had endured and at who's hand. A dark cloud continued to follow the sergeant even as he accepted a role in the Quest for St. Rose. Whispered conversations with invisible companions and stolen moments of privacy deepened the mystery surrounding his new nature. The extended time in the dark had sapped the warrior of his strength. He spent a week relaxing before the quest could begin. Binge drinking was the next sign of Enzo's darker path. His distain for the fallen paladin was evident in his every word and action. Their continued close proximity was toxic.

For weeks Enzo had courted the night. Seeking time away from the group. Eventually his suitor revealed herself as Lilith a succubus. Undaunted by the revelation he continued his association with her and the man who called himself Octavious.