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History Cont.
No one ever sees St. Catherine, of course, and many think her a mad, religious zealot because of this, but she pays no notice, serving a higher power.  When not tending to her company, she is either at prayer, or spreading the gospel.

She is still learning how to lead troops in the field (though she has picked up a great deal of skill & knowledge in the last 18 months) and is utterly without fear in battle.  Her troops are at times a little disturbed by her behavior (most are not overly religious), but they also see her as a developing leader who will help them attain the skills necessary to defend Viletta against the Nessians.
When the 3rd Pike's tour of duty expires in 6 months, Lady Celeste will not return to Viletta as the city fathers hope.  St. Catherine has given other directions, which include finding and restoring the lost mountain Cathedral of Saint Rose... (an adventure for the Players.  She will also become an integral part of their lives in other ways.)

She rides a white stallion with chain barding, and is skilled with the lance.  She wears a light chainmail shirt with coif, golden scalemail hood, and heavy, unadorned platemail.  She wields a Mithril two-handed sword.